13-Year-Old Hero Stops School Bus With 66 Kids When Driver Faints

Take a look at the heroic moment when a 13-year-old boy saved the lives of his fellow classmates by acting bravely as the school bus driver lost consciousness at the steering wheel.

While Dillon Reeves was commuting home from Carter Middle School in Warren, Massachusetts with 66 other students, the bus driver suddenly felt lightheaded and fainted.

Surveillance footage captured the moment when the driver mentioned feeling unwell and planning to stop the bus, but eventually started trembling and collapsed at the wheel.

However, Reeves acted swiftly and ran to the front of the bus, taking control of the situation by locating the brake pedal and bringing the vehicle to a stop.

After taking charge of the bus, Reeves directed his friends to dial 911.

Despite the terrifying event, fortunately, no one was injured. The surveillance video captured the screams of the frightened students, who were understandably shaken by the incident.

Currently, the bus driver is still receiving medical care at the hospital.

In recognition of Reeves' prompt action and courage, Warren Consolidated School arranged a press conference. During the conference, Superintendent Robert Livernois commended Reeves for his heroism, saying:

"He stood up, he assessed the situation and saw that the driver had passed out. This was an extraordinary act of courage."

"He jumped up from his seat, threw his backpack down, ran to the front and grabbed the wheel and brought the bus to a stop."

Despite being present at the press conference, Reeves chose to modestly remain in the background, allowing his parents to speak on his behalf.

Steve Reeves, his father, expressed his pride, stating: "Very, very proud. This is overwhelming for all of us. This is national at this point."

"He is very attentive to his surroundings."

In recognition of Reeves' bravery, local authorities have adorned the front yard of his family's residence with a sign that reads 'Hero' as a token of their gratitude.

"He's really a great guy this year. He's come a long way. Great grades, experiences at school with friends," mother Ireta Reeves said about her son.

"To do something like this fills my heart and makes my heart skip a beat."

Through her social media account, Ireta expressed her belief that a higher force may have played a role in her son's decisive actions.

She commented: "Jesus had everything to do with the bravery and swift action Dillon displayed today. To Dillon, it's just another day. He has no idea the amount of people who are so proud of him today."

According to reports, when Ireta asked her son how he knew how to operate the bus, he modestly responded, "I watched her do it every day."

The seventh-grade student is scheduled to receive an award from the Warren Police Department.