13-year-old Boy Sells Xbox, Does Yard Work To Buy His Single Mom A Car

It was a complete shock for a Nevada single mom when her 13-year-old son gifted her a car. Nobody would have expected such a gift from such a young boy.

She was thrilled to share the special story on Facebook, where she pointed out that her son, William Rabillo, gave her a car as a surprise.

The emotional mom went on to explain that she had been going through a really hard time, but was shocked by the gift her son gave her. She went on to explain that her son had lately turned into a “money-making machine”, mowing lawns and cleaning yards.

One day, the boy came home and simply announced, “Mom, I bought you a car.” She immediately assumed it was a joke and laughed it off.

But he was not joking, and eventually, the mom had to take him seriously when he insisted they walk outside and see the car.

Outside, a woman was waiting to give them a ride.

The mom was obviously quite shocked, even during the ride. In fact, all along, at the back of her mind, she thought this was an elaborate practical joke. But William went on to say “Mom, that’s your car.”

Then the reality dawned on her, and she could not keep tears from rolling down her cheeks.

When William was interviewed later, he said he was on Facebook when he found someone who said they would be willing to sell him their car in exchange for his Xbox and yard work. The seller, curiously, agreed to the offer.

The mother was completely shocked when she was handed the keys and the paperwork, and they drove off in the white 1999 Chevrolet Metro.

She could hardly contain herself, describing how proud she was of her son. She thanked her son and went on to say “you have such a big heart, and I love you…”