13 Traits Of A Good Person, The One All Of Us Like To Be Around

A good person is sympathetic to us even at first glance. They are always smiling and try to be kind, even if they have a terrible day.

Such people often share some common traits. That is why we love having them so close to us and why it is so lovely to be in their company.

But traits of a good person do not come naturally to everyone. In a study conducted at the University of California, respondents were asked what they like most or least about a person. They chose from more than 500 given traits. The best-rated were not - attractive, intelligent, friendly, but - honest, transparent, and reasonable.

These are the thirteen traits and behaviors that every good person has.

Listening Is Among Most Common Traits Of A Good Person

13 Traits Of A Good Person – The One All Of Us Like To Be Around

A mistake most of us make is not focusing on what a person is telling us but being in our head coming up with questions and sentences to say next. That's why we often hear what someone is saying, but we don't understand what they want to tell us.

There is an excellent way to avoid this, though - and that is to ask questions. People like to know that you listen to them. A question from time to time, even if it will only confirm something they said, will let them know that we care about what they say.

Good persons are active listeners. They give full attention to the person they are talking to and make the conversation a two-way street.

When They're With Others, They Don't Stare At Their Cell Phones

13 Traits Of A Good Person – The One All Of Us Like To Be Around

Nothing will bother and drive a person away from you like not being present. Most of the messages and posts can be answered later. If you are talking and hanging out with someone, focus your attention and energy on that person.

When you are entirely focused on someone, it is always more fun and enjoyable than when you allow yourself to be distracted by unimportant things at that moment, like a cell phone.

Honesty Ranks Righly In Traits Of A Good Person

13 Traits Of A Good Person – The One All Of Us Like To Be Around

Honesty is one of the essential qualities you must have to be a good person. No one likes those who pretend to be something they are not. We cannot trust them, unlike people whose intentions are always authentic and sincere.

People who are honest with us and never impersonate themselves show how confident they are in themselves and how comfortable they are in their skin. This makes us like them even more. When we focus on our positive qualities and love ourselves, it is easier and more pleasant for others to spend time in our company.

The Good Ones Do Not Judge Anyone In Advance

13 Traits Of A Good Person – The One All Of Us Like To Be Around

If you want to be liked by others, you have to be an open-minded person. This automatically makes you approachable and exciting. Rarely does anyone like to talk or spend time with a person who already has an opinion on everything and doesn't even want to listen to some other perspective.

An open mind is also critical in the workplace. Such individuals have no problem getting help. It is also easier for them to come up with a new business idea formed from different opinions.

To get rid of the need for judging, we need to look at the world from the viewpoint of others. That doesn't mean we should believe what they believe or behave the way they behave, but we should at least try to understand them.

Good People Do Not Seek (excessive) Attention

13 Traits Of A Good Person – The One All Of Us Like To Be Around

People often have an aversion to those who are seeking their attention all the time. You don't have to be some popular person to please others, merely be friendly and straightforward. People don't like to be constantly reminded of how good a person you are. They neither want to hear complaints about your (often non-existent) problems on repeat. Friends are here to comfort us, but when we need them.

Don't have your head in the clouds when people still need to praise you for some of your success. Try to focus on those who have helped you succeed or have succeeded similarly. This will let people know that you are not only thinking of yourself. Even though it may sound like a colossal cliché - modesty is one of the most positive qualities.

Cosistency Is Also Among Traits Of A Good Person

13 Traits Of A Good Person – The One All Of Us Like To Be Around

People find it annoying when a person cannot concentrate on anything they are doing or saying. When they approach you, people like to know who they are talking to and what kind of response they will get. They love when someone is consistent and when they are a good support in certain life situations.

This does not mean that we should tell people what they want to hear. We should strive to be truthful - and give them the answer that reflects who we are.

Great Ones Have Positive Body Language

13 Traits Of A Good Person – The One All Of Us Like To Be Around

You should show people that you care about what they are saying and that you are listening. If your tone of voice is enthusiastic and your hands are not crossed, you are doing an excellent job. Lean towards the person you are talking to, and maintaining eye contact will bring you even closer. And positive body language can make a big difference. How you say something can be much more important than what you say.

They Leave A Strong First Impression

13 Traits Of A Good Person – The One All Of Us Like To Be Around

Many studies have shown that a person decides whether they like us or not in the first seven seconds of meeting. Later, they either confirm or change their decision (which is less common). A solid first impression is primarily associated with positive body language - so a firm handshake, upright posture, and a smile are always welcomed and will make us like a specific person more.

They Address People By Name

13 Traits Of A Good Person – The One All Of Us Like To Be Around

Our name is a part of us, so it's no surprise that we like hearing it. It's nice when a person addresses us or lets us know that they remembered our name from the first meeting. We shouldn't just use someone's name when we say goodbye. A person feels good and meaningful when we address them by name from time to time during a conversation.

If you are one of those who remember faces well but are awful when it comes to remembering someone's name - make it fun. Try to create associations in your head with a specific person and their name, and let it be a good exercise for your brain.

Also, don't be afraid to ask the person you just met for a name if you forgot it after they told it to you for the first time. No one will blame you for this because it is something that happens to almost everyone.

Smiling Is One Of The Best Traits Of A Good Person

13 Traits Of A Good Person – The One All Of Us Like To Be Around

People unconsciously copy the movements of the person they are talking to. So, if you want the person, you are talking to to feel comfortable, laugh - and they will reciprocate. And the whole meeting will be more positive and friendly.

A Good Person Knows When To Open Up Their Heart

13 Traits Of A Good Person – The One All Of Us Like To Be Around

Don't be quick to reveal personal matters. You should only share details of your private life with people who are close to you. That way, you will earn the title of a person who complains about their problems and trusts others too much.

People who know how to please others will not reveal their most intimate secrets at the first or second meeting. Such people know when is the right time and place for such conversations and how they should open up their hearts.

They Know How To Use Touch Appropriately

13 Traits Of A Good Person – The One All Of Us Like To Be Around

When you touch someone during a conversation, the brain starts to release oxytocin. That neurotransmitter makes people associate positive feelings and traits with us. So don't be afraid of the most straightforward touch of someone's shoulder, hug, or handshake.

Of course, we need to know when it is time for a special touch because inappropriate touching will have the opposite effect. But when we are sure that it is okay, by touching, we will let the person know that we care, and it will affect our relationship positively.

Good Person Knows A Balance Between Work And Fun

13 Traits Of A Good Person – The One All Of Us Like To Be Around

Obsession with a job or career can negatively portray a person because we instinctively consider them too serious and stubborn. So, a good person knows how to balance a passion for work and enjoyment. At work, they are always serious about what they do, but at the same time, they are friendly and smiling.

They avoid gossiping and irrelevant topics. Instead, they like to talk to people and business partners about ideas or solutions - thus combining the comfortable with the useful. Also, they remember what you told them yesterday or last week and thus show that you are just as important to them as their job.

If you want to learn how to be a good person, these are great starting points. This is not going to happen overnight, so you have to make a constant effort. But everyone will appreciate you for it! Do good things, and good things will happen to you.