13 Things Respectful And Good Men Do That Narcissists Can't Ever Offer You

13 Things Respectful And Good Men Do That Narcissists Can't Ever Offer You

When a woman is thinking of a good man, she is not usually thinking of a perfect or know-it-all macho man. Every woman dreams of being with a man who is naturally a gentleman, and while finding such a person might sound difficult, it is not impossible. There are few souls out there who unlike narcissists, will possess all these 13 qualities of a good and respectful man.

1. A good man will listen to you and respect your point of view

He values your opinion and doesn't feel bad about letting things go your way sometimes. Such a man makes you feel free to express yourself. When you are in a relationship with such a man, you know that issues between the two of you will get solved amicably.

2. He will support you no matter what

While a narcissist will be jealous of the goals you achieve, a good man will be there to see and help you through each hurdle in life. This also means that he is not intimidated by your success.

3. A good and respectful man appreciates you just the way you are

Unlike a narcissist who takes advantage of your weaknesses, the ideal gentleman doesn't compare you to other women, nor does he make fun of your natural shortcomings.

4. He doesn't dwell on your mistakes because he is mature enough to realize that you are human

A real man will not expect you to be right all the time. That is why he won't criticize your failures. Instead, he will respectfully point out where you went wrong.

5. A good man has a high sense of moral integrity and discipline

He is honest and never gives you any reason to doubt him. Whether both of you are indoors or out with friends, he maintains his cool and gentleman nature. The way he addresses you in the presence of other people also shows how much he values you.

6. He honors his promises and pledges to you

He doesn't make promises just to please you. He keeps his word, building a level of trust that a narcissist wouldn't achieve in a century.

7. He will trust you regardless of what other people think of you

Only a good man will let your past remain where it belongs. He doesn't let other people's opinions of you sway the way he sees you. Such a man will build a deep relationship with you and won't let trust issues anywhere near the two of you.

8. A respectful man admits when he is wrong and works to make things better

This is what maturity is all about. A good man knows that admitting his mistakes and apologizing for them doesn't mean he is weak.

9. He remains loyal and faithful to you even when things are rocky

Unlike other boys out there, a real man will not take advantage of the difficult times to cheat on you. A good man will stick with you and help you patch things up.

10. A good man will respect your personal space and alone time

Every woman needs space and precious "me time." Only a good and respectful man recognizes and understands this. As a result, he will be comfortable to let you unwind and recollect yourself when you need to.

11. He will offer you a helping hand even before you ask for one

A good man is a kind man. This man will go out of his way to help with chores even when you haven't asked him to, and he will not be doing so just to play nice or to get something from you.

12. A good man plays his part in bringing adventure and pleasure into the relationship

You will never get bored in his company because he always has something new for the both of you. He is romantic, passionate, and tender with your heart.

13. He fits both as a lover and as your best friend

When you need someone to speak to, he will be there. When you need a shoulder to lean on, he will offer you his. He is an excellent lover, but an even better friend.