13 Things Guys Say To Get Laid That You Should Never Fall For


In your early to mid-20s, chances are you've experienced plenty of corny pickup lines and obnoxious attempts from random guys to score. While most of these tactics are more cringe than effective, there are some that are downright sleazy. Below are 13 lines to watch out for and never fall for.

1. "Oh, that's what you do for work? That sounds so boring"

Guys may use a tactic called "negging" to give you a backhanded compliment and undermine your confidence, making you more susceptible to their advances. However, anyone who tries this is instantly deserving of your anger.

2. "This place is lame"

Their motive is to appear cooler than your current location and entice you to go with them, likely to their messy apartment where they can see you undressed. However, their idea of a "cool spot" is probably far from impressive, and not worth considering.

3. "You're not like other girls"

In this scenario, they are targeting your ego. Sleazy guys understand that no one wants to feel like a mere conquest while hooking up, so they will go to great lengths to make you feel unique and exceptional (which you are, by the way) in the hopes that you'll fall for their schemes.

4. "Let's take another shot"

It's a known fact that alcohol decreases your inhibitions, and players are well aware of this. If they sense you're getting tipsy, they may try to keep you drinking to increase the chances of getting you in bed. If they're acting like jerks, the best move is to accept the drink and then quickly return to your group. It's a satisfying move.

5. "I don't do this very often"

You have to be skeptical of this one. While there may be a few awkward guys who genuinely admit they're not good at flirting, a sleazy guy claiming he never hits on girls at bars is likely full of it. Trust your intuition. He's probably trying to portray himself as a "good guy" or worse, make you feel like sleeping with him is a unique privilege that not all women receive. Gross.

6. "We should go there sometime"

He might use the W-word - "we" - to insinuate that he wants to see you again or make future plans, possibly luring you with the promise of a relationship. However, anyone resorting to this tactic is the opposite of boyfriend material.

7. "I could blow your mind with [enter sexual act]"

Let's be clear, some of these arrogant guys may actually be skilled in bed - and if that's what you're after, go for it. However, be prepared to have no further contact, as guys who boast about their sexual prowess are often not worth keeping around. Frankly, I don't even find this attractive for a casual encounter. Men who believe their manhood is a divine gift to women are essentially repulsive.

8. "You're the hottest girl in here"

It's true that you're undoubtedly attractive, but this line is so transparent. Why not try engaging with women as individuals instead of immediately complimenting their appearance? Call me crazy, but it could be more effective.

9. "I'd love to show you what good music sounds like"

This is offensive for several reasons, and it can be applied to almost anything. For instance, if you're discussing your favorite type of wine, he could quickly replace "wine" with "music" in this line. The list of douched options is endless, sadly. Firstly, he doesn't need to teach you anything. Secondly, insinuating that you lack taste may be the least seductive thing imaginable. Condescending to you will not inspire you to jump into bed with him. Guy, you should reassess your approach.

10. "Your friend in the purple is really pretty"

Yes, some guys will use this silly tactic. Typically, they do it to create some rivalry between you and your group. But guess what? Uttering such lines won't make us vie for their attention or get envious. If anything, it's a guaranteed way for them to spend their 10th night in a row masturbating alone.

11. "I've been watching you all night"

That's just plain creepy, dude. They might be trying to emulate Christian Grey and make you feel unique, but chances are they have used this line on three other girls before you. Those ladies probably rejected them, and you would be smart to do the same.

12. "Insert unbearably cliche pickup line here"

Anyone who has the audacity to use a pickup line seriously needs to go home immediately.

13. "I'm a feminist"

Some guys might try to come off as "woke" to win you over, but using their supposed belief in gender equality as a tactic to get into your pants is both hypocritical and offensive. True allies should actively listen to and engage with women on social justice issues, rather than using it as a ploy for sex. Remember, actions speak louder than words.