13 Struggles Only Women With Small Boobs Understand

Constant teasing, lack of cleavage, and being referred to as "boyish"? These are the daily challenges faced by women with small breasts. Society tends to believe that only C-cups and larger are truly feminine, disregarding those with A and B cup sizes who also have curves. If you have faced these struggles, you are not alone. It does not mean that you need breast implants, it means that others do not understand that your breast size is perfect as it is.


1. Low Cut Shirts Are Useless

Low-cut shirts can be stylish and attractive, but they often require larger breasts to keep them from gaping open every time you move. This would not be as much of an issue if designers created shirts that are not cut as low. A form-fitting V-neck that ends slightly above the breasts would be a great alternative.

2. You Certainly Don't Need A Push-up Bra

When I see push-up bras in A sizes, I can understand the frustration that The Hulk feels. Can someone please explain the purpose of this? I understand the desire to wear a bra with more padding than cup space, but what is the point of a push-up bra in an A size? It creates a strange, unnecessary and uncomfortable look, resembling a single-eyed Cyclops. The truth is, my breasts already stay in place and do not need to be pushed up.


3. Zero Padding In Bras Is A Thing

On the other hand, some bras offer no padding at all. Let me remind you, small-chested women still have nipples, and the only reason we wear a bra is to avoid having them show through our clothing. So why would we even need to wear a bra with no padding? Once again, it serves no purpose. Give us enough padding to prevent our nipples from showing through and leave it at that.


4. You're Tired Of Being Asked If You're Going To Get Implants

Could you be any more brusque? I am not disfigured. A small chest does not imply dissatisfaction with my appearance. My spine does not ache. I am able to sprint without striking myself. Men still find me attractive. Are you aware of the number of pairs of footwear and charming tops I could purchase with that sum? If you desire enhancements, proceed. However, do not anticipate me to acquire them because you disapprove of my proportions.


5. Trying To Get A Little Jiggle Is Pointless

The one aspect I do covet about women with bigger busts is that theirs tend to have a slight wobble. Women with smaller busts are fortunate if theirs move at all. Believe me, we become very thrilled when we get a small amount of bounce. It does attract attention. On the other hand, we have other assets that we can use to gain a man's attention.


6. Guys Actually Look At Our Faces

While this may appear to be a positive aspect, when they fixate on your breasts, you have an opportunity to scrutinize them closely. When they gaze at your face, you become self-conscious. Furthermore, if they are bothersome, you can always label them as a pervert for directing their conversation towards your breasts. We have to discover alternative methods to extricate ourselves from interacting with them.


7. You've Tried To Fake Your Size

Prior to embracing our less voluminous chests, we engage in ill-advised actions such as wearing highly padded bras. This may seem like a good idea until the moment comes to remove the bra. All you can contemplate is how the person will react upon discovering that you are not a D but an A. Will it be a deal breaker? What if you're wearing a water or gel-filled bra and it leaks? It's too nerve-wracking to allow yourself to have a good time.


8. You Wish Food Went To Your Breasts

Why does it seem that any high-calorie food you consume goes directly to your abdomen or thighs? When you observe your friends displaying their cleavage with pride, you hope that the next slice of pizza will increase your cup size. Unfortunately, this approach is ineffective. All it does is cause other parts of your body to become larger.

9. There Are Guys With Bigger Boobs

I confess that I experience a slight decrease in self-assurance regarding my physique when I encounter a man with more prominent breasts than mine. Men may refer to them as pectoral muscles, but when they are fatty, full and may even sag, those are man breasts. They are not appealing, yet at the same time, it can be uncomfortable to see a man more blessed in that area than oneself.


10. You Work Even Harder For A Flat Tummy

When you have a small belly with smaller breasts, people tend to assume that you're pregnant. Additionally, your breasts appear to vanish. As I previously stated, the fat seems to bypass the breasts entirely. At least with larger ones, gaining a little weight does not make your chest appear flatter. Women with smaller breasts have to exert even more effort to maintain a good figure to make their chests look attractive.


11. You Know Strapless Anything Is Hell

Tube tops and strapless garments require support to remain in place. The flatter the chest, the more frequently they slip down. Is it impossible to wear them? No, but it can be a nuisance. You will likely spend a significant amount of time pulling them up. In addition, finding a strapless bra that doesn't make your breasts appear larger is as unlikely as expecting your breasts to grow overnight.


12. You've Been Called Boyish

I am not male. Women are not all identical. Believe it or not, men find breasts of all sizes attractive. Additionally, what they truly desire to play with isn't located on our upper body. Just because we don't have ample cleavage, it doesn't mean we don't have well-proportioned buttocks and legs.

13. Everyone Thinks You're 12

It's complimentary that people often assume that you're younger than your actual age. The issue is, you don't wish for individuals to believe that you're still in your teenage years. Breasts do not equate to maturity. Just because your bust size has reached its maximum at an A cup, it does not mean that you are not a grown woman in your twenties.


It's a daily challenge, but to be honest, it's enjoyable. Take pride in your petite busts! Keep in mind they do have a positive aspect - they will never droop.