13 Signs You're With The Right Person

Although you may be vigilant for indications that you are in a relationship with someone who is not deserving of your time, at times only positive signs may be evident. If any of the following 13 things are happening to you, then you have discovered the person with whom you should be in a relationship.

1. You Can Be Yourself

There's no need to pretend or act differently when you're with this individual. You can be yourself without worrying about how you dress or what you say. You're aware that they accept you for who you are, which is truly invigorating, isn't it?

2. You Don't Freak About Fighting

In the context of relationships, arguments can be beneficial if handled appropriately. If you and your partner engage in a disagreement, you don't fret that it will cause the end of your relationship. You possess the resilience to overcome these minor conflicts.

3. You Feel Heard

There are few things as dreadful as being with someone who fails to comprehend or even attempt to understand your thoughts and emotions. However, when you're with the appropriate person, you feel recognized and genuinely heard. Consequently, you don't feel the need to restrain yourself because you won't be dismissed as "insane" for expressing your thoughts and feelings.

4. Your Happiness Is A Priority

Your partner may not particularly enjoy combing through antique shops on a Saturday morning, but they may agree to go because they know it brings you joy. While it's crucial for both partners to have their needs met in a relationship, they should also sense that their partner values their happiness and desires to see them smile.

5. You're Both Independent

As the saying goes, if you can achieve completeness and independence on your own, then uniting with a partner who also embodies these qualities makes you considerably stronger. Rather than attempting to fill each other's gaps, you both are complete individuals who come together as a team, which is a game-changing dynamic!

6. You Can Talk For Hours

It's typical to have some downtime with your partner occasionally, but as long as it feels comfortable, everything is alright. Usually, if you and your partner can engage in conversations without getting bored, then you have something great going on. After all, if you can't communicate with each other, what's the point?

7. You Turn To Him On Your Worst Day

When confronted with drama in your life, do you immediately contact your partner, or do you hesitate? If you find yourself hesitating, it's crucial to investigate the underlying reason. It could be due to the feeling that your partner won't comprehend, won't answer their phone, or will accuse you of being dramatic. It's an unpleasant sensation, and it's not beneficial for your relationship if you don't believe you can rely on your partner.

8. You Pass The "Bar Test

The "bar test" essentially involves evaluating your behavior in public spaces like a bar. Do you glance at other people or attempt to avoid running into acquaintances who may see you with your partner? If you feel comfortable being with your partner and don't actively seek out alternative options, then you're with the right person.

9. You're Still Interested In Them

You are not only interested in your partner's physical attributes, but also their mental aspects. Your partner fascinates you, and you have a desire to know more about their childhood, upbringing, parents, school friends, and other aspects. This is a positive indication since your curiosity should not diminish even if you're in a long-term relationship. Additionally, you should feel that your partner is equally enthusiastic about learning as much as they can about you. It's all about growing and evolving together.

10. You Give Others The Feels

What is your partner's response after spending time with your friends and family members? Do they remark on how well you two work together or how positive your energy is? This is significant because if none of your loved ones like your partner, you have to ponder what they're witnessing from an outsider's perspective.

11. He's Always Lifting You Up

You deserve to be with someone who recognizes your imperfections but also understands that they don't make up your entire identity. Your partner should be enthusiastic about commending you and reminding you of your incredible qualities (because you are amazing!). Equally essential is that your partner is your ally, always having your back. Even when you're mistaken, they're the first to back you up and the first to sing your praises to others. Your partner is essentially vying with your mother to be your most ardent supporter!

12. You See Beyond The Wedding

While it's great to have a remarkable and unique wedding with your forever partner, it's even more important to feel genuinely excited about your marriage when you envision your future with them. That's a significant indicator of a healthy relationship.

13. You Don't Really Have Drama

Although it's impossible to ensure that you and your partner will never face any drama in your relationship (after all, life is unpredictable), if your friends frequently complain about their partners, you might find yourself struggling to relate. That's a good indication that your relationship is not toxic and is relatively drama-free, and you should feel grateful for it.