13 Signs Your Partner Is Emotionally Cheating On You


Identifying emotional infidelity in your partner can be challenging, as it doesn't always involve physical contact. Despite the absence of physical intimacy, emotional cheating can still cause significant harm by breaching trust. It's important to recognize the signs of this type of betrayal to avoid further damage to the relationship.

1. They're Super Protective Of Their Phone

If your partner suddenly becomes secretive when using their phone or refuses to leave it unattended around you, it could be a sign of emotional cheating. They may be attempting to conceal intimate messages from you, causing them to carry their phone everywhere they go.


2. There's A Sudden And Renewed Interest In Texting

If your partner used to be indifferent towards social media but now appears glued to their phone, texting someone constantly, it may indicate that something is amiss. Moreover, if they become defensive or agitated when you try to approach them about their behavior, it could signify emotional infidelity.

3. They're Pulling Away From You

Your partner's emotional infidelity may result in them becoming distant from you. By investing so much in the other person, they have little left to share with you. While they share all their daily stories with the other person, you receive only generic responses like "it was fine."


4. They Try To Turn Every Little Thing Into A Fight

Does your partner seem to be always picking fights? Are the reasons behind your arguments becoming increasingly trivial? This could indicate that your partner is interested in someone else. They constantly compare you to this other person, and any shortcomings on your part result in outbursts of anger.

5. They're Not As Interested In Any Displays Of Intimacy With You

When a partner is engaged in emotional infidelity, it may result in their physical withdrawal from you. They may cease initiating intimacy and show little interest when you do. Gestures such as kissing, hugging, cuddling, and holding hands may suddenly feel excessive to them.


6. You No Longer Feel Like They Prioritize You

You might feel like something is missing from your relationship, causing you to feel less special. It could be a lack of communication, presence, time, attention, affection, or something else. However, if your partner is giving their emotional attention to someone else, that could be the reason.

7. They Keep Making Excuses To Spend Time With A Specific Person

When your partner is constantly working late, helping someone else, or attending events with someone else, it can be a sign that they are emotionally investing in someone other than you. This behavior becomes even more concerning when they are secretive about it.


8. They Can't Seem To Stop Talking About This "Friend"

If your partner spends most of their time talking about someone they obviously adore, it could be a warning sign. They may even refuse to talk about the person you suspect they are having an emotional affair with.

9. The Way They Talk About Your Relationship Is No Longer Reassuring

If your partner is emotionally involved with someone else, they may start to question their relationship with you. They may avoid discussing the future, and when they do, they won't show much enthusiasm. This could be a sign that they are emotionally distancing themselves from you.


10. They're Shady When It Comes To Discussing How They Spend Their Time

Being monitored is an unpleasant experience, especially when it comes to your partner's reaction to your inquiry about their activities. If your significant other becomes hostile or defensive, it's another matter entirely.

11. Your Partner Keeps Flaking On Plans Involving Just The Both Of You

It's abnormal for someone to habitually cancel on their partner when everything is going well in the relationship. If your partner frequently cancels plans to spend time with you and avoids making plans to hang out, it's an indication that something is wrong.


12. They've Shared Too Much Information About Your Relationship With The Other Person

Certain parts of your romantic partnership are intended to be kept private, and it's typically only shared with close friends. If your partner is divulging information to someone else, or if they know too much about another person, it's not a good sign.

13. Your Gut Tells You Something Isn't Right

If you have a nagging sense that something is amiss, it's usually because there is. If you have a strong suspicion that your partner is emotionally cheating on you, it's likely accurate. Express your emotions and be honest about your worries, and with any luck, the situation can still be resolved.