13 Signs You Are Dating A Retrosexual And Why He Is Bad News

Dating a retrosexual may not be as enjoyable as you might think, even if you adore everything vintage. Discover the 13 indications that you are dating a retrosexual, and understand why he is not as fantastic as Walkmans or snap bracelets - and will never be.

1. He Basically Still Thinks It's 2007

It would be fantastic if a man enjoyed old records and Mustangs, but if he is a retrosexual, he is stuck in the past. He is unable to forget about his romantic past. For example, he might want to talk about his ex all of the time, even if they dated ten years ago. Although you might believe it is an indication that he is opening up to you, it is not. He has not moved on from his past.


2. He's Got A Black Belt In Emotional Baggage

Perhaps he does not want to discuss his past or ex at all, which is another indication of a retrosexual man. He has unresolved issues but is afraid to get too close in fear that you will discover them. This is frustrating because you desire a new beginning and a clean slate with a new partner.

3. He Compares You To His Ex

He compares you to his ex-girlfriend, whether negatively or positively. This is a typical behavior of a retrosexual boyfriend, indicating that she is still on his mind, and that you do not prepare mojitos as well as she did or that you are nicer than she was.


4. He Doesn't Trust You

It's a bit confusing because he says he loves you but also mentions that it takes him a long time to trust someone. You've been dating for a year, yet he still expects you to hurt him, cheat on him, or end things. It seems like he hasn't fully moved on from his past experiences with women, which is extremely unfair to you.

5. He Has Next To No Self-Esteem

His insecurities are quite evident as he often doubts why you're with him and becomes agitated when other men give you attention. While not all insecure men are retrosexual, there is often a connection between the two. If he's carrying emotional baggage that has damaged his self-confidence, it will likely manifest in his insecure behavior.


6. He Never Takes You To Popular Places

You might be interested in trying out the trendy new sushi restaurant, but he always takes you to a place on the other side of town. Eventually, you may start to wonder if he's purposely keeping you away from people who know him. The truth is he may not have completely moved on from his past and is scared that you will uncover his past mistakes. What is he keeping hidden?


7. He Recently Got Dumped

There are times when people experience a retrosexual phase, especially when they have just gone through a painful relationship and are still nostalgic or sensitive about it. If you happen to be dating a man who recently ended a relationship, be cautious as he may not be emotionally prepared to move on yet.

8. He's Still In Touch With His Ex

It could be a sign that a man is a retrosexual if he constantly talks or spends time with his ex-girlfriend. While it's not always the case, it's essential to understand their relationship better to determine whether there is any emotional baggage or romantic feelings involved. Ask yourself if they have completely moved on from their previous relationship or not. Did he end things or was he the one who was dumped? If he was the one who got dumped and the breakup is recent, he may have a desire to reconnect with his ex.


9. Communication With His Ex Is Increasing

If your boyfriend has been in contact with his ex-girlfriend again, and small things make them communicate with each other regularly, that's a red flag. Even if he thought he had moved on from the past, it's possible that he hasn't entirely. If he's texting her at odd hours just to ask about her pet dog that they both knew when they were dating, it's a clear sign that he hasn't completely let go of the past.


10. He Subscribes To Traditional Gender Views

If a guy holds outdated gender views, he can be classified as retrosexual. These views include believing that women belong in the kitchen, women must have babies, men should be breadwinners, and a man should take care of his wife. Such views indicate that the guy is from the 1950s and needs to be sent back in time urgently.


11. He Likes To Recycle His Exes

It was a common occurrence for him to reconnect with his ex-girlfriends and revive past relationships before you entered his life. It is outrageous that he might have even attempted to do so with you, seeking a return to your life after the first relationship attempt went awry. Such behavior is indicative of a shady individual who frequently returns to his exes out of fear of loneliness, lacking other options. Furthermore, history tends to repeat itself, so if he has hurt you once, there is a high probability that he will do so again, and caution is advised.


12. He's A First Date Moaner

You can identify a retrosexual by observing his behavior on the first date. If he's complaining about his past problems, it should serve as a warning sign. He's so focused on his drama that he can't appreciate the good things in his current and future life.

13. He Puts The Past On A Pedestal

On the contrary, he might be boasting about his past experiences. He could be bragging about his former accomplishments, clothing, and relationships. If he's overly fixated on his past, it's time to leave— he doesn't have space in his life for new memories or relationships.