13 Signs The Guy You're Dating Is 50 Shades Of Crazy

Mental illness is a serious matter and should not be taken lightly. Dating someone who may be eccentric or spontaneous is different from dating someone who is emotionally unstable. If you notice any of the following signs in your relationship, it may indicate that you are dating someone with emotional instability:

1. He often suggests doing things that are extremely risky

During the date, if your partner suggests or pushes you to engage in potentially dangerous or illegal activities, such as using drugs, engaging in dangerous stunts or breaking the law, it may indicate that they do not value your safety or well-being. It is important to consider the underlying intentions and disregard the idea of them being a "risk-taker" or "spontaneous".

2. He love-bombs you

If a guy you barely know is showering you with expensive gifts, excessive praise, and making you feel like you are the best thing that's ever happened to him, it is likely that there is an underlying motive. Be cautious if this behavior seems too fast and intense, it may be a sign that something is not right with this individual.

3. he lies with a straight face

If you notice that your partner is lying during your interactions, and they are not showing any signs of embarrassment, remorse or guilt and are quickly coming up with excuses, it is a red flag that they may be a habitual liar. This behavior can be creepy and suggests that they may have a history of dishonesty.

4. He has a really bad temper

If you find that your partner has a quick temper and easily loses control, such as getting into shouting matches or physical altercations, it can be a sign that they may struggle with anger management. This type of behavior can be concerning, as it raises the possibility that they may eventually direct their anger towards you. It is important to take this warning sign seriously and consider the safety and well-being in any relationship.

5. He seriously misreads situations

If your partner perceives innocent interactions as flirtatious or confrontational, and becomes jealous or defensive, it may be a sign that they have a tendency to overreact or misinterpret situations. Additionally, if your partner frequently perceives other people as intentionally trying to provoke or harm them, it may indicate that they have a tendency to see themselves as a victim and have a paranoid mindset. This type of behavior can be concerning and may cause issues in your relationship.

6. He makes intense eye-contact

Making intense eye-contact can be sexy, but when done by someone who appears unstable, it can make the other person feel uncomfortable and as if their personal space is being invaded.

7. He has grandiose plans

When inquiring about a person's aspirations, unrealistic or unrealistic goals may be shared, such as a recent job hire claiming they will make a million dollars in a year. Such talk can indicate a delusional mindset.

8. He calls himself bad things

When someone jokes about being "crazy" or a "cheat", it may be an indication of their true nature. Pay attention when their facade slips, as they may unintentionally reveal their true character.

9. He has zero Empathy

He recounts a story of his friend falling and severely injuring his arm, but seems to find it amusing. He also tends to trivialize or make light of any traumatic experiences you may share with him, displaying a lack of empathy. This may be a sign of a lack of emotional capacity or a psychopathic tendency.

10. His emotions change in a second

Rapid changes in mood, such as going from anger to calmness quickly, can be a symptom of emotional instability and may indicate a larger issue with mental stability. It may be concerning if someone displays this behavior.

11. He charms you by focusing on your weakness

The charm and charisma of a psychopath is often used as a tactic in their "love-bombing" strategy. They will intentionally focus on and compliment your insecurities to gain your trust and affection. For example, if you have an insecurity about your body, a psychopath will compliment it excessively. They use charm as a tool to manipulate and control others, making it difficult to resist their advances.

12. He's surrounded by crazy people

A psychopath may use stories of "crazy" people in his life as a way to gain attention and sympathy. He may portray his ex as unstable, his brother as untrustworthy, and his best friend as unreliable. These stories are used to manipulate others and gain their sympathy.

13. He tries to be just like you

You initially bond with your date over a shared dislike of poor spelling, but over time you discover they were pretending to share your interest and make numerous spelling errors themselves. This realization is unsettling.