13 Signs That He Really Likes You (And It Scares Him)

13 Signs That He Really Likes You (and It Scares Him)

1. When you look into each other's eyes, he gazes intently at you as if looking into your soul. He wants to know more about you, and when he realizes that this stirs deep feelings about you, he will be shy to get into similar situations. This might also happen when things get too intense between the two of you. He will try to break eye contact when the feelings get too strong.

2. He tells you about how he was hurt in the past by a girl he really loved and that he fears that it might happen again in the future. He does it to let you see that he has fears. He is vulnerable around you, and he would never be like that around anyone.

3. Although he doesn't call you his girlfriend, he acts like you are his girlfriend. Even people who see you think of you as a couple. That is because his feelings for you are real.

4. You often find him staring at you when he thinks you cannot notice it. It's because he cannot get enough of you and needs all the time he can get to enjoy your beauty. The mere sight of you delights him.

5. His friends tell you he is serious about you even though he never tells you this himself. You should take his friends at their word because a day is coming when he himself will admit that he has feelings for you and is serious about you.

6. Although he does not talk a lot, he often does things that demonstrate that he is really into you. He even proves that he is loyal to you through his actions, although he has never told you directly that he loves you.

7. He seems to withdraw when conversations start getting deep because he fears that he might hear something he is not ready to handle.

8. When you two are together, he is very affectionate. He will do anything from hugging, kissing to holding your hands. However, he maintains his distance when you are out in public just to be respectful of you.

9. He is not consistent with you, and it's because he has no idea how you feel about him and is avoiding committing before he knows for sure how you feel about him.

10. After physical intimacy, he is never in a rush to get away from you and instead sticks around to chat and cuddle. That is because he does not see you as someone who is just there to give him a good time for a short while.

11. Even though he says he is not looking for a serious relationship, his actions say that he is very serious about you.

12. When you try to put a label on the relationship, it makes him uncomfortable. The reason is that he has no idea how he truly feels, and he does not know what to say about the relationship.

13. The guy is clearly jealous when you start getting too close to another guy. Although he knows that you have not put everything out in the open as far as your relationship goes, he is often very protective of you and very territorial.