13 Signs A Friend Likes You Romantically But He Tries To Hide It

There is a huge debate around the subject of men and women being just friends. Some swear it's not possible, but that is simply not the truth. However, it's also true friends of the opposite sex can start to have romantic feelings for each other. So, if you have a male friend who you believe might be seeing you as more than a friend, and might be interested in a romantic relationship, then here are some signs to look out for.

1. He is interested in your love life

If your male friend seems to keep tabs on how your love life is going, then it might be because he has feelings for you. Typical male friends would never be so curious about your romantic relationships. A dead giveaway is when you sense feelings of jealousy from him when you and your romantic partner seem to be getting serious with the possibility of settling down.

2. He hears you out

Men have a reputation for being very bad listeners, even when they are very close friends. But when a man is falling for you, he will be a very good listener. So, if your male friend has of late become a very good listener, it's possible he has romantic desires for you.

3. He shares personal stuff

Men are generally not good at sharing their feelings and thoughts, even when they are close friends. But if he starts to go into details about certain personal things, it could be because he is in love with you.

4. He is always there for you

A guy friend will usually help you out several times when you need help. But if he is always available when you need help, there could be something more than friendship going on between the two of you.

5. The way he looks at you

If the guy avoids eye contact with you, it might be because he has romantic feelings for you and would not like you to know about it. It could also be that he looks at you a little longer than usual, which should tell you that he no longer has any control over his romantic feelings for you.

6. He remembers a lot of things about you

Men tend to focus on the bigger picture, and they typically forget the small details you tell them as soon as you say them. However, a male friend with romantic feelings for you will have a much stronger memory for everything you talk about, even things you might not remember properly yourself.

7. He's protective of you

Sure, a good friend, male or female, will be very protective of you. But with a romantic interest, things will be a little different as he might be going out of his way to not only keep you safe but also to make sure that you see him as more masculine.

8. He treats you differently

If your male friend has other friends, male and female, and yet treats you a lot differently than he treats them; then there is a possibility he has romantic desires for you.

9. He is always helping you out

Friends help us out when we most need them, and there is nothing strange about that. But if the guy is obviously going over and beyond; then there it's possibly because he feels romantically attracted to you.

10. He wants physical closeness

Any guy that feels some physical attraction towards you will want to be close to you physically. So, if that male friend of yours is getting a little too close than was the case in the past, he might like you romantically as well.

11. You don't know about his love life

If your male friend is very cagey about his romantic life, even when in a relationship, it might be because he has feelings for you. You might never even have met his girlfriend.

12. He always tries to get in touch

While good friends will typically stay in touch, a male friend who is always initiating contact might be secretly in love with you.

13. He cares about your needs

Although a friend will typically give a certain level of importance to your needs, someone who is romantically attracted to you will go a little further in this endeavor. For instance, you might notice that instead of sharing with you as a friend would do, he wants you to have everything. So, if your male friend is consistently putting your needs above his own, then it's likely he now sees romantic potential in you.