13 Ridiculously Cheesy Love Songs That Seem Profound When You Are In Love

Love is an enchanting feeling that adds beauty and value to the world. Despite knowing its eventual outcome, experiencing love can be incredibly satisfying and magical. For those in love, music can be an excellent tool to express their overwhelming emotions. Check out some of these incredible love songs to capture the essence of love.

1. "Arms" By Christina Perri

When it comes to defining love through music, this song is my ultimate choice. It embodies those moments when someone looks beyond your flaws and chooses to care for you, regardless of the circumstances. Even when it seems impossible and you feel undeserving, this song reminds you of that one person who makes everything worthwhile.


2. "Photograph" By Ed Sheeran

Love is not always smooth sailing. It can be painful, with harsh words and arguments. But as long as you are with the right person, those rough patches are worth it. In the end, everything fades away, except for the assurance that you have someone to come back to. "Photograph" is the perfect anthem for all the die-hard romantics out there.


3. "The Few Things" By JP Saxe

For those of us who struggle to articulate our emotions, this song speaks volumes. It's about being certain of one's feelings for someone, as certain as counting up to 100, even when words fail or nerves get in the way of expressing them.

4. "Steady Love" By Evergreen

When someone occupies your every thought, from the moment you wake up until you drift off to sleep, it's hard to deny the intensity of your feelings. This song captures the experience of feeling seen by someone, both the public and private aspects of oneself. If you've found a love that doesn't leave you questioning its authenticity, this song will resonate with you.


5. "Together" By Gabrielle Aplin

Compared to other love songs, this one has a more upbeat tone. It perfectly captures those moments of pure excitement and joy when you're head-over-heels for someone. You might want to jump up and down, shouting about how perfect you are together, even though you may appear to be entirely different people at times.

6. "Latch" By Sam Smith

Each time I hear a Sam Smith song, it resonates with a specific situation in my romantic life. It reminds me of how precious every moment with my significant other is, and how much they mean to me. I feel like I'm enchanted and I never want that feeling to disappear.


7. "Here With Me" By Elina

This melody encapsulates the urgency and joy of being in love. It urges you to stay in that magical state and forget about the complications of life. Why worry about what could go wrong when you can just cherish the present moment with the one you love? The song implores you to put everything else aside and focus on what matters.


8. "Safe" By Banners

There are moments when everything in life seems to be falling apart. However, when you stand in front of the person you love, all your problems fade away. Suddenly, the pain is lessened or disappears completely. As long as you are with them, you feel safe and secure. This song allows you to glimpse that feeling of comfort and protection.


9. "Don't Give Up On Me" By Andy Grammer

We all desire someone who supports us through thick and thin. This song may come across as cheesy, but it is brimming with hope and resilience. It encourages you to put in the effort to keep your relationship afloat, because that's what true lovers do.

10. "Halleluya" By Johnny Drille

If you have a crush on someone, but you're too afraid to confess your feelings, this song is for you. You keep hoping that they will read your mind or take the first step and ask you out instead.


11. "Surround Me" By Leon

Overthinking can ruin a good thing before it even begins. If you need an anthem that reminds you it's okay to be foolish and in love, Leon's got you covered.

12. "Beginning" By Joeboy

The early stages of a relationship can be intense, also known as the honeymoon phase. Despite your attempts to resist, you may find yourself falling deeply in love and becoming possessive of your partner. This song understands the emotions you're experiencing.


13. "Are You With Me" By Nilu

This song is perfect for those who love someone but are uncertain of their feelings. It's a hauntingly beautiful track filled with longing.