13 Reasons A Glass Of Wine Is Better Than A Boyfriend

13 Reasons A Glass Of Wine Is Better Than A Boyfriend

Why trouble yourself with all the struggles of finding a perfect boyfriend when you can get a fresh glass of wine instantly instead? The following are reasons why a glass of wine is better than a boyfriend any day of the week.

It will always make you happy

The sole goal for a glass of wine is to up your spirits. There are no ulterior motives, no plans to get under your pants later in the evening.

It offers you variety

Wine comes in numerous types and varieties from around the world. You don't have to settle for the same boring one every day.


Always by your side when you need it

No matter the incident you are in, you can count on a glass of wine to be by your side to offer comfort.

Relieves your pain instead of adding to it

A few sips from a glass of wine makes you forget your troubles, it doesn't add more stress when you are down.

It takes you as you are

Wine won't judge you whether you are skinny or fat! It sees no flaws, and it is always ready to mingle with you.


It won't get into a fight with you

You don't have to worry about constant bickering with your glass of wine. It doesn't fan the flames of your temper…it cools them.

It has no dirty laundry

Wine doesn't have a shady past filled with ex-girlfriends and one-night stands. No getting jealous or having to look over your shoulder anytime you are together.

It doesn't mind your friends coming over


Don't anticipate any fuss when your girlfriends come over for your weekly night in. A glass of wine will make them feel right at home.

It doesn't get jealous

Wine will always understand when you choose to have other options of drink at your disposal. It will remain loyal and wait for you to come back to it.

Encourages you to be yourself

A glass of wine won't reprimand you when you act out because of deep emotions. It wills you on to express your feelings in the best way you know how.

It doesn't have friends that need to be impressed


You don't have to worry about friends or family that will push you to pretend to be on your best behavior to earn their approval. The relationship is strictly between you and your glass of wine, no third parties.

It will never be late

You will never get stood up on your special day. No canceling on the plans you made or waiting until the middle of the night for it to show up. A glass of wine will always be on time for any plans you two have.

All wine is good

You won't have to kiss multiple frogs before you meet your prince charming when it comes to wine. There is no handsome or ugly, fit or unfit wine. Whichever wine you get, red or white, trust me, you will get the satisfaction you are looking for.

If you are having boyfriend troubles, maybe it's a high time you get yourself a refreshing glass of wine. You have all the reasons to do that.