12 Zodiac Signs Ranked From Angel To Devil

12 Zodiac Signs Ranked From Angel To Devil

Every zodiac sign is associated with a celestial being. Based on your zodiac sign, you're either angelic or more inclined to the dark side. Here's the rank of zodiac signs from angel to devils.

1. Libra

Libra is the purest and beautiful angel. Although you're born with original sins, you'll not commit other wrongdoings.

You're so pure, such that God seeks you for advice. Sometimes you make everyone around you feel guilty of their sins due to your perfection.

2. Taurus

If you have a Taurus heart, you'll be quick to forgive, and you don't hold grudges. Also, everyone in your life calls you a sweetheart.

You're always compassionate to old ladies and so caring for every living creature. For instance, you rescue kittens trapped in trees or catch babies from falling. Your weakness is that you're always lovely, which makes people take advantage of your goodness.

3. Pisces

You live according to your code of ethics, and you follow them without a bargain. You're always caring, loving, kind, emphatic, and forgiving.

Your dark side is being angry when people fail to reciprocate your generosity and kindness. But you quickly let go of these feelings because you understand that life is too short to allow haters to control your moods and emotions.

4. Sagittarius

For a person with a Sagittarius heart, loving every living being is your virtue. Your life is filled with smiles and your heart with joyful songs.

You find pleasure in being around people and making them laugh. You always uphold the truth but slip up when other people lie. You might get caught up with anger, but it only lasts for a few moments.

5. Aquarius

You're a water-bearer. And your biggest virtue is the willingness to do good and favors for others. You find joy in helping people find their own happiness.

You're always honest, kind, and loving. Your dark sides are strong sexual drives and desires that lead you to make unwise decisions.

6. Gemini

Your characters are indifferent between angelic and devil. You possess both angel and devil zodiac signs.

Whether you decide to be good or bad, it'll depend on how you woke up in the morning. You're a frustrating bundle of summer and winter, good and evil, and darkness and light, all of them functioning at the same time.

7. Leo

Lions are always strong, noble, majestic, and beautiful until you trigger their wrong side. As a Leo, you'll keep doing good deeds. But when a person crosses you, you'll make them regret meeting you.

8. Cancer

You wish to be kind, loving, and caring. But life offers you many temptations that are hard to resist.

You always do compassionate activities, including visiting the sick, taking your siblings to school, and helping the needy. But you'll spend hours hooking up on Tinder or any other dating sites. And you hold the sincerest hopes and beliefs that God will forgive you.

9. Virgo

You're funny, generous, likable, and warm. You're also many obsessive desires in life.

But if someone crosses you, you'll not rest until you revenge and humiliate your antagonist. However, everybody will enjoy being around you.

10. Aries

You're a professional in doing the wrong thing. Abusing drugs, gambling, cheating, lying, double-crossing and swindling. However, you've got a great sense of humor, which makes people adore being with you. But you'll end up betraying them.

11. Capricorn

You're like a devil, and you'll never do good. And when you get caught in mischievous acts, you pretend to apologize. Although you might succeed in convincing your innocence, you're always guilty of your actions.

12. Scorpio

You're so evil such that even Satan screams your name. You're his living embodiment of evil. However, your sexual influence is strong enough to make people beg for it.