12 Ways Women Come On Too Strong, According To Guys


In general, as guys, we tend to welcome it when you ladies take the initiative or express your interest in us. However, there are situations when you may unintentionally come across as too aggressive and end up pushing us away.

1. Over-texting

It's a common issue for women at the beginning of a relationship to send too many texts without a clear purpose. However, it's important to realize that most men don't enjoy constant texting as much as you do. Excessive texting can make a guy feel overwhelmed and give the impression that you're too eager about the relationship's direction.


2. Coming over unannounced

You must be aware that dropping by unannounced is a mistake, right? Although we may be glad to see you, an unexpected visit can disrupt our routine and make us feel uneasy. Men usually thrive on routine, so it's easy for us to get unsettled by a sudden visit, which can also make you appear somewhat unpredictable.


3. Having the relationship talk too soon

Is it possible to hold off on discussing the future of our relationship until we've been on more than a few dates? It's common for women to come on too strong by discussing commitment too soon. To avoid this, it's best to wait at least a month or two after you think it's time to have "the talk" before bringing up the subject, as it will show that you're not pushing things too quickly.


4. Insisting on hanging out every day

Just because we enjoy spending time with you doesn't mean we have to hang out every day. Men have their own lives and schedules, which may not always include you. Constantly wanting to hang out every day can be overwhelming and give the impression that the relationship is progressing too quickly. We like you, but it's important to take things slow and give us some space.


5. Speaking in innuendo

While one or two suggestive comments can be playful and indicate your interest in physical intimacy, consistently speaking to a guy using innuendos can become uncomfortable and unsettling over time. It can become so unsettling that we may want to distance ourselves from you.

6. Following us around

When we're out together at a social gathering, it's not necessary to be glued to each other all night. Just because we're dating doesn't mean we have to be inseparable. Being overly clingy or possessive can be unattractive. It's okay to give each other some space, and we'll naturally come back to each other. Holding hands all night may be too much, too soon.


7. Pretending you love all of our interests

It's understandable that you want to have things in common with us and impress us by sharing similar interests, but please don't fake it. We can often tell if you're pretending to like something just to make us like you more. It's not necessary to force a connection that may not exist naturally because it can come off as trying too hard and can be a turnoff. So, please be genuine and honest about your interests.


8. Only talking about yourself

We're definitely interested in getting to know you better, but it's not necessary to share every detail about yourself on the first date. Rapidly disclosing too much information can make it seem like you're trying to accelerate the relationship, which is a form of coming on too strong. Can we take it slow and get to know each other gradually?


9. Liking every social media post

Checking out someone's social media profiles can be informative, but it's not appropriate to go through and like everything. It can come across as obsessive and possessive, particularly if it happens early on in the relationship. Spending that much time on their profile can be seen as coming on too strong. Moreover, avoid liking content from before you both met, as it could make the guy feel uncomfortable and want to end things.


10. Contacting our parents without approval

It's important to be patient when it comes to meeting our friends and family. Pushing to meet our parents or friending them on social media is not appropriate and can make us uncomfortable. Don't go to extreme lengths to try to connect with our family as it can come across as obsessive and may even scare us away.


11. "Accidental" encounters

Unless we have a set plan to see each other, avoid trying to orchestrate a chance encounter. This comes off as trying too hard and can be seen as creepy. Even if you try to pass it off as a lucky coincidence, we can usually tell and it rarely has a positive effect.

12. Listing everything you like about us

It's great that you're interested in us, but please don't spend the entire date or conversation listing all the things you like about us. It can come off as trying too hard to impress us and convince us of your feelings. Most guys don't even talk about themselves in such a positive way, so it's best to avoid doing it.