12 Warning Signs That You Are Dealing With An Evil Person

12 Warning Signs That You Are Dealing With An Evil Person

A lot of people believe that they can recognize evil right away.

But it's not always so easy. Evil people are walking around disguised as genuine and well-meaning individuals.

There are people, who despite having some goodness in them, prefer to indulge in their darker sides. When you cross paths with these people, you will get manipulated and used with little regard for your well-being.

So, you see, evil is not always so easy to spot. But with these 13 tips, you will have an easier time recognizing the evil people trying to hide behind their charm and apparent innocence.


1. They Twist The Story

For these people, everything can be twisted to suit their preferred narrative. If they have been accused of something, they will change the story so that it seems like someone else is to blame.

2. They Hold Back Information

These people will withhold the truth if it is going to work to their advantage. They can do this to keep you ignorant in order to take advantage of you.


3. They Deny Reality

If these people don't agree with the truth, they will flatly deny it. Their truth is what favors them, and anything else is not true.

4. They Lie Continually

To an evil person, a lie is often the first thing they tell. Everything that goes through their minds gets altered somehow so that it deceives the person hearing it. They also use lies to cover up their previous lies.


5. They Intentionally Mislead

If they can derive any benefit from misleading people, evil people will gladly do so. They can choose the words that make people make the wrong conclusions, especially when that is to their benefit.

6. They Manipulate

One thing evil people do well is manipulating others. They do this to get what they want and then get credit for it afterward. They like to make people feel incompetent and stupid.


7. They Lack Remorse

Even after they have destroyed someone, evil people do not feel remorseful. They see people as tools to help them achieve their goals and nothing more. That is why they will treat people like rubbish and move on with life as if nothing happened.

8. They Evade Responsibility

Without a moral compass to guide them, evil people always do what they feel like and never take responsibility for the bad things they do. They are also pretty good at passing on the blame onto others.


9. They Waste Your Time

Once an evil person understands that you are trying to get something important done, they will try to get in your way so that you feel bad about yourself. They also don't want you to be better than they are.

10. They Sabotage

Whenever an evil person offers help, then it's because they have something greater to gain from it. Otherwise, when you are going through issues, they will step back. But if they have something to gain, they will gladly offer help as it will also help them achieve their goals.


11. They Love To Dominate

In order to keep their little worlds functional, evil people have to be in complete control. They can be possessive and controlling if they feel their relationship with you is under threat. It is not because they care, but because they see you as a resource they would rather not lose.

12. They Lead Double Lives

You never really know who an evil person is. They are different with different people depending on what they want to gain from them. So, no one truly knows who they are.