When you bump into a girl with a gypsy soul, it’ll be hard to draw your eyes from her. She’s a unique creature. She’s unlike any other girl you’ll ever meet.

After talking to her, she made you feel great about yourself. She made you feel comfortable that you crave to meet her more frequently. Because you felt at ease when talking to her.

Would you wish to meet such a girl again? Discover these 12 characteristics of a girl with an extraordinary gypsy soul.

1. She’s free-spirited.

A girl with a gypsy soul does what she feels it’s right. Rules don’t apply to her. She doesn’t care about what people might do or say, or what the rules dictate.

She follows her heart and intuition. No one or anything can hold her down. Sometimes she’ll even question the rules or refuse to obey them. She always dances to the rhythm of her heart. She only knows what she wants and does what she feels is good for her.

2. Emotions are her guidelines.

She feels and thinks much. Although she’s considerate of other people’s needs, she doesn’t neglect her own.

She’s so empathetic and emotional. She gets happy and sad with the same affluence. However, she’ll let go of negative emotions quickly.

3. Freedom is her pudding.

She’s bohemian in her heart. She’ll answer all calls of unknown wind.

Routine isn’t her thing, but her curiosity is like that of a small child. Being free is her pudding and traveling is her first love.

4. She’s fiercely independent.

She doesn’t imitate or does what others are doing. Because of her emotions, she’ll struggle to find happiness no matter the situations.

She can be happy and friendly one minute, and the next moment she’s detached. She will always love her own space, and her interests are varied.

5. She’s all heart.

Since she’s guided by her emotions, everything she does bristles with passion. Whether it’s her relationship or work, she always put her energy and soul into everything.

6. She always tells the truth.

A girl with a gypsy soul is fearless and honest. She knows what she is and she is clear about her opinions and values.
She speaks her mind and fights for the right things. She’s also open-minded.

7. She loves unconditionally.

The love of a gypsy soul is unique. She will always love hard and unconditionally.

She will give a zero-judgment type of love. No matter how you behave or what you do, she will still love you. She never judges and will accept you for the person you are. You can rely on her love since it’s unquestionable and undeniable.

8. She’s a wanderer.

She’s always in a never-ending search of her inner self. She can wander from one place to another striving to figure out her needs in life.

Whenever she’s lost, she never gets scared. It only gives her a sense of direction. She’ll find new and better ways to improve her well being, and she’s not afraid of any path that leads her to her happiness.

9. She stares life in the face.

She takes on anything that comes into her life. Troubles and struggles only make her strong.

Since troubles are bound to happen, she accepts them as they are. She believes they’re the natural happenings of life. And goes with the flow of things.

10. Her heart admires vintage things.

She admires and craves for vintage clothes and designs. She believes old things have meanings and history. The old movies and screwball comedies that others find boring and outdated are her passion.

11. She’s a nature lover.

She appreciates the beauty of nature. Outdoor adventures and activities give her peace in her heart.

She’ll get inspired by mountains, forests, rain, ocean, sun, and the snow. Whether she’s living in the city or the countryside, she finds moments to stroll in nature.

12. She is unpredictable.

A gypsy soul is unpredictable. Because of her emotions, she’ll always struggle to find happiness no matter the situations.
One minute she is happy, and the next moment she’s detached. She always loves her space. Her interests are varied.

She can stay alone at home reading a novel, and in the next moment, she’s at a concert singing her heart out. She’s playful just like a child but so wise like an ancient seer.