12 Undeniable Signs Of Chemistry Between Two People

Chemistry is the glue that holds two people together. Without it, it is only a matter of time before it becomes apparent that the relationship is sure to fail. Considering the wide range of emotions that spring up during a relationship, what signs can tell you that there is chemistry between two people or not?

1. Similarities between the two

Although the well-worn phrase that opposites attract is often used with regard to relationships, it is the similarities between two souls and not the differences that truly hold them together. On a subconscious level, we want someone who shares our mannerisms and personal preferences, and tastes.

2. Mutual respect

A relationship is typically on its way down the drain if respect is no longer existent. The individuals in the relationship need to have respect for each other. Without it, there cannot be much hope for its future.

3. Shared interests

Again, people in a relationship get along better when they share common interests. With common things to talk about and experience together, the couple is less likely to get bored with each other. Quite simply, common interests strengthen the bond between individuals.

4. Humor

Humor is great at keeping couples happy and optimistic about their life together. However, it is important to take time to understand what makes the other person happy and what does not; and then move on from there.

5. Openness

A lot of people lie in relationships to make themselves look better to the other party. When true chemistry exists, the truth is laid bare so that the couple knows as much as possible about each other.

6. Efforts are not one-sided

When each partner in that relationship is just as willing to contribute to its wellbeing as the other, then that is a clear sign that chemistry exists between the two. When both parties can invest their time and resources in a relationship, then it has great chemistry.

7. Making time for each other

They make time for what is important to us, whether it be a person or an activity. When true chemistry exists between people, they will always find time for each other.

8. Finding comfort in silence

It does not feel weird when two people with chemistry spend time together without having to say a word to each other. Being comfortable in sharing silent moments is a true mark of chemistry between two people.

9. Taking note of the details

True chemistry means having a deep and genuine interest in the other person, to the point of noticing minor details that other people naturally miss. Obviously, it can be very flattering to realize that someone cares enough to notice such details about your life.

10. A rush of emotions and desire

When there is chemistry between two people, being around each can feel electric in a literal sense. The touch and the excitement that comes together only causing a desire for more and more of that same experience.

11. Physical contact

When there is welcome physical contact between a couple, then it is doing great as far as chemistry goes. The physical touch does not even have to be erotic.

12. Time flies by

When two people with chemistry spend time together, time seems to fly by. An hour seems like a minute, and there is no pressure or desire to part ways.

Couples with visible chemistry between them are truly adorable. If you are wondering if you have the right chemistry between you as a couple, you can use the pointers above to find out the truth. If some of these signs are lacking in your relationship, you can work on them and improve the strength of your relationship.