12 Types Of Relationships You Have Before Finding Your Person

The journey to finding the perfect partner can be lengthy and filled with numerous distractions for many individuals. Along the way, most people typically encounter various types of relationships, which may be enjoyable or hurtful, yet they all play a vital role in the search for their ideal match. These relationships serve as significant stepping stones towards discovering the right person for each individual.

1. The puppy love

Puppy love, typically experienced in high school or college, is the initial form of love for most people. It's a time when one falls hard for someone, although it's usually not genuine love. Rather, it's composed of intense feelings of lust and infatuation, fueled by the impressionable nature of youth. Despite this, individuals often retain a fondness for their puppy-love partner.

2. The rebound

A prevalent type of relationship experienced prior to finding a suitable partner is the rebound. Following a breakup, individuals often enter into rebound relationships, which occur soon after the end of the prior relationship. Typically, those who engage in rebound relationships are not yet prepared to date again, let alone commit to another long-term relationship. Usually, there are residual emotions, both positive and negative, for the ex-partner, which can prevent individuals from being emotionally stable enough to form a meaningful bond with a new partner.

3. The settle

Distinguishable from settling down, "settle" refers to a relationship that one enters solely for the sake of being in a relationship. The feelings for the partner are typically not authentic, and one may compromise on significant aspects of a relationship to maintain it. Often, individuals settle due to concerns about their ability to obtain what they genuinely desire. Ultimately, settle relationships conclude when individuals recognize that they deserve better and develop the confidence to overcome their fear of being single.

4. The dramatic

Certain relationships are characterized by constant drama, spanning from the beginning to the end. Typically encountered during youth, such relationships become less appealing as one ages due to the patience and energy required to maintain them. Drama-filled relationships are draining, featuring heated arguments and resembling an emotional rollercoaster.

5. The toxic

Unfortunately, many people will encounter a toxic relationship before finding their lifelong partner. A toxic relationship is detrimental to one's well-being and can consist of abusive or unfaithful behavior, among other toxic qualities. Such relationships do not add value or enhance one's life, in contrast to a healthy relationship.

6. The one that got away

Breakups do not always result from a lack of love between partners. Sometimes, the relationship is simply not viable, but one may still cherish the other person. When one wonders about the potential outcomes of staying together, the relationship becomes the "one who got away." In these cases, many former partners remain friends and continue to be a part of each other's lives.

More Types Of Relationships You're Sure To Experience

1. The friends only

Romantic chemistry cannot be coerced. While chemistry typically manifests early on in a relationship, some individuals only recognize the absence of chemistry after a significant period. At this point, the relationship often becomes one of friendship, where the partners share common values, mutual respect, and an amiable relationship, but lack the necessary romantic spark.

2. The experimental

This is a type of relationship that people commonly experience in their earlier years. It's a self-explanatory kind of relationship that enables you to experiment with various ways of being in a relationship. For instance, you might date someone who is different from your usual type or try new forms of relationships, such as casual or open relationships. This kind of relationship often entails a steep learning curve, providing valuable insights into your likes and dislikes and shaping your sense of self.

3. The co-dependent

The co-dependent relationship can appear to be "the One" at first glance, but it is actually one of the most unhealthy relationships to be in. Why? This is because it results in a loss of independence. Being compelled to spend every moment with your partner is not indicative of a forever person. Instead, it signifies co-dependence, which means that you're emotionally and psychologically dependent on your partner, causing you to lose the ability to care for yourself.

4. The forbidden romance

The forbidden romance is typically short-lived as the reasons why it's forbidden become increasingly significant over time. Although these relationships can be thrilling and enjoyable, they often become more challenging as you age. As you mature, the stable and secure option may seem more attractive than the person who is off-limits.

5. The situationship

The situationship is an undefined arrangement that falls short of being an actual relationship. While you're not just dating, you also avoid using labels and discussing exclusivity. This makes it a confusing state of limbo that can be frustrating and hurtful to your self-esteem.

6. The cyber relationship

The online relationship has become increasingly common, especially in 2022. In today's modern world, many people have relationships that exist solely online. Whether they are long-distance or not, these relationships can provide convenience and help to fill the void of missing another person. However, for most people, the desire for a physical relationship often overrides the convenience of an online relationship at some point.