12 Types Of Douchebaggery To Watch Out For

Nowadays, the dating scene resembles a septic tank, and there seems to be an endless supply of douchebags lurking around every corner. They come in various shapes and sizes, and unfortunately, none of them are worth your time. Have you encountered any of these typical douchebag types in your dating experiences?

1. The Frat Boy Douche

The stench of Axe body spray surrounds him, and he spends his time chugging Natty Ice with his buddies while reminiscing about his glory days in college fraternities. He boasts about how his frat always scored the most attractive girls and how his frat brothers are still his closest friends. He might even brag about his dad's ownership of a significant company and how he'll inherit it one day. Unfortunately, frat boys tend to be disrespectful towards women, often cheat, and have questionable morals. It's best to steer clear of this immature man-child.


2. The Wannabe Rapper/EDM Artist

He's constantly discussing his plans to release a hit record and become a millionaire. He spends his hard-earned dollar store paycheck on clubbing, and he's a well-known figure there. He often boasts about his relationships with other women, and he writes mediocre songs about how you're his "everything." It's puzzling why you're still communicating with him.


3. Mr. "No Fat Chicks"

It's crucial to distinguish between having preferences and being a shallow jerk who feels compelled to comment on a girl's appearance. If he's making derogatory remarks about your body, don't hesitate to put him in his place. He deserves to be brought down a peg or two, or perhaps even several.

4. The Douche Who Makes You His Last Priority

Never allow yourself to be someone's mere option.


5. The Old, Saggy Douche

This is a man in his mid-40s or older who solely dates women in their 20s instead of seeking out women his own age. His desire for younger partners may stem from his need for an ego boost, control, and feeling like he's still desirable. He could also be married or searching for a sugar daddy relationship. It's advisable to move on from him for your own benefit.


6. The Clubkid Douche

Similar to the Wannabe Rapper, the Clubkid Douche is a well-known figure at his local club and may even work as a club promoter. However, unlike the Wannabe Rapper, the Clubkid Douche is typically older and lacks any real talent or skills. In addition to potentially being a breeding ground for STDs, the Clubkid Douche constantly seeks out multiple partners, despite feeling profoundly lonely. Anyone over the age of 25 should have no reason to associate with such a pitiable individual.


7. The Geek Douche

Women often fail to recognize this type of douchebag because of the stereotype that geeks are typically kindhearted individuals. However, the Geek Douche can be just as problematic as any other type of douchebag. Often, they harbor resentment and animosity towards women due to past negative experiences, making them bitter and unpleasant to be around.


8. The Misogynist Douche

These individuals are always eager to "mansplain" something to women and assert that men are inherently superior to women. It's evident that they harbor a deep-seated hatred for women, which cannot be easily remedied. It's best to allow them to find someone who they perceive as an equal, perhaps a member of the "He-Man Woman-Haters Club."


9. The Player

Absolutely not. Players are not worthy of any attention, no matter how alluring, affluent, or physically fit they may appear to be. It's simply not worthwhile.

10. The Wall Street Douche

This type of douchebag will use anyone or anything to benefit himself financially, cheat on faithful partners, and believe that money can buy love. You are invaluable, and it's best to avoid falling for his lies unless you want to live a wretched life with a douchebag.


11. The Basic Player

Simply put, players engage in douchey behavior and are, therefore, douchebags.

12. The "Tortured" Douche

This type of douchebag believes that life is incredibly difficult for him, so much so that he takes it out on others and holds them to different standards than himself. It's not worth attending his pity party when you have more important things to do.


13. The Deadbeat Douche

If a man abandons the mother of his child, refuses to communicate with his own kid, and doesn't provide financial support, he is a douchebag. It's best to avoid dating him unless you want to find yourself in a similar situation.

14. The Faux-Wholesome Douche

Despite his regular church attendance and cheerful demeanor, this guy is actually a slimy douchebag. If you have concerns about his behavior behind closed doors, or the way he treats you or others, it's best to run away from this guy as things are only likely to get worse.


15. The Loser Douche

He lacks any significant achievements such as a job, a car, or future aspirations, yet he still demands these things from you. This behavior is indicative of a loser and a douchebag, and it's best to avoid him entirely.