12 Things You Need To Know About Rip Wheeler From Yellowstone

Rip from Yellowstone is that ruggedly handsome bearded man with oceanic deep eyes and strong personality. Rip Wheeler's deeds often speak for themselves and are more consistent than his words.

"You want to fight somebody, you come fight me, I'll fight you all goddamn day."

This popular Rip Wheeler saying really had the oomph factor in it making fans drool over him even more. He has the ability to get himself out of any difficulty and prepare for the following day's work.

That's Rip wheeler for you in a nutshell.

Aren't you guys curious and excited to learn more details about your

favorite character Rip from Yellowstone?

Let's dig in and find out some interesting facts!

Unveiling the Actor behind Rip Wheeler's Character

After watching the first episode did the thought nudge you to google "Who plays rip in Yellowstone"? Because it definitely did in our case. No kidding!

Irresistibly smart, flamboyant and dapper Cole Hauser is the man behind the character Rip in Yellowstone.

Alongside Rip's irresistible style and looks, His outfits are equally eye-catching and in demand. Rip Wheeler Jacket has nonetheless been a trademark sign of Rip.

All his outfits, especially the cowboy jacket really plays a vital role in bringing his personality to the next level of sassiness.

To match that level of sassiness and arrogance, the die-hard fans just wish to grab one of Rip Wheeler jackets and look like him.

Being the real muscle of the series, Cole Hauser had been the perfect choice because his physique, demeanor and deep voice all complimented so naturally as if the character had been penned solely for him.

12 things that will make you fall in love with Rip Wheeler

1. Rough, Tough but… sweet

Rip in Yellowstone can be rough around the edges but he is soft and buttery from inside.

However, in real life Cole Hauser is more down to earth and

compassionate. As per the actor, his compassionate side has helped him alot in playing Rip's character with utmost dedication.

2. Collecting cowboy hats

The Californian had quite a fine taste for cowboy hats. Apart from a few exceptions, the character is always seen donning his adorable collection of cowboy hats.

On the other hand Cole Hauser has stated that he too is quite fond of wide brimmed, classic reiner crease cowboy hats in real life.

3. Best Horse Rider

Cole Hauser confessed that he liked riding and was a pretty good rider back in the days. Who knew he would have to be in a role where he could showcase all that unseen talent.

Every now and then, in Yellowstone Rip wheeler would just rip through our hearts with his ever so effortless trotting.

We can't help but thank the entertainer for giving life to Rip from Yellowstone.

4. Has the most Perfect Smile

In Yellowstone, Rip Wheeler is a macho man with a beard and the sexiest smile. He would carry this gorgeous smile every once in a while contrary to his virile personality.

Similar to his character, Cole Hauser is often found to have the type of smile many would admire and he is always praised about his sweet smile.

5. One woman only

Rip Wheeler is the man who would spend his life with only one woman.

When he says, "My tomorrows are all yours", the fans really know this man is surely husband material.

Just like the character Rip Wheeler, Cole Hauser is also a one woman man. Getting married in 2006, the couple is living a happy life with their 3 children.

6. A Thinker

Many series of events in Rip's life had made the character a strong willed person who is far sighted and often his words depict the truths about life.

Rip portrays the type of guy nobody wants to mess around with as he would hunt you down no matter what!

Speaking of which, Cole Hauser is also an extremely diplomatic and tactful kind of a guy who knows what the people want from him and acts accordingly.

7. Loyalty Matters

From the scenes, it can be assumed that Rip believes that being loyal to your partner is the most important aspect of a healthy relationship.

So does Cole think in real life as it has been more than 16 years that he has been married to his wonderful wife living a happy life.

8. Class is permanent!

Reel life Rip and real life Cole have a great dressing sense and love for classy outfits.

Rip's outfits are always a sigh of relief for the eyes be it his Rip Wheeler jacket, his hats or anything else. He never disappoints when it comes to looking classy.

On the other hand, Cole has a personality of his own. He slays in almost anything he wears and has a very keen eye when it comes to choosing outfits.

9. The most sensitive of them all

When it comes to family, Rip is a person with extreme sensitivity since he never forgives anyone who manages to mess with them.

In real life, Cole is also a very sensitive natured guy. His exceedingly fragile ego is often hurt and can take other people's careless comments or criticisms too personally.

10. Dutiful

Nobody can beat the professionalism of Rip Wheeler as is dutiful, alert and clear about his stance when it comes to the Duttons'.

Same goes for Cole Hauser, when it comes to work and responsibilities he is a man of his words and commitments.

Hauser is often praised for his punctuality and professionalism on the sets. These are some of his qualities which set him apart from others.

11. Possessive and Protective

Defensive, possessive and emotionally intelligent, Rip has been as protective as it gets towards Beth.

Knowing his partner for many years, Cole's relationship with his real-life wife is also much like Rip who is possessive and protective.

We just can't resist but adore this softie!

12. Fierce and Fearless

Rip is fearless and his fierce side defines him completely and extraordinarily.

He will smack the life out of Duttons' enemies and won't fear murdering anyone as he has entirely devoted himself to the Montana Ranch.

Hauser discovers his immense power and talents to control challenging circumstances toward his own aims. He uses his considerable inner strength by performing his own stunts on sets.

Cole Hauser really has the confidence to employ his own personal power whenever necessary since he is conscious of his inner strength.


That was pretty much everything to know about this one hell of a guy Rip From Yellowstone.

As we all can't get enough of him let's see what the new season 5 has got in store.

We're rubbing our hands for a rollercoaster ride; emotions, some new style statements, clap worthy lines and some mind blowing twists!