12 Things You Are Doing To Scare Guys Away, According To A Guy

It's unfortunate that some men can be intimidated by strong women, but it's important to be aware of the behaviors that may contribute to this. While being authentic and avoiding games is crucial, there are certain actions you may want to steer clear of, particularly during the early stages of a relationship. Here are 12 things to consider avoiding.

1. too much texting

Many women make the mistake of texting excessively in the early stages of a relationship. While enjoyable, it's not necessary to do it around the clock, and it's best not to share every thought via text. Too much texting can be overwhelming and may give the impression of pushing the relationship to be too serious too soon, which is a turn-off for most guys.

2. Going crazy on social media

Living your entire life on social media is not necessary, especially if you're not in college. Also, most guys prefer to keep their new relationships private, rather than broadcasting them online. Liking every post on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter can come across as immature and insignificant, so it's not necessary to do so. It's not that we don't appreciate you, but we prefer to keep things low-key on the internet.

3. Not having your own friends

It's important to remember that enjoying each other's company doesn't mean spending every moment together. Both partners in a relationship should have their own lives outside of it, including spending time with friends. If a woman doesn't have her own friends, she may become too clingy and dependent on her boyfriend, which can become annoying. While it may seem cute initially, it can become frustrating to constantly have them tag along because they don't have their own group of friends.

4. Getting jealous

Being possessive and jealous of our time with others can push a guy away. We had a life before the relationship and want to maintain our friendships. If you get jealous or upset every time we do something without you, it displays insecurity, which is unappealing.

5. Playing 20 questions about every little thing

While it's important to get to know each other, it's not necessary to bombard us with questions about every little topic. It can start to feel like an interview rather than a date, which may not lead to another one. There are other ways to have a conversation and build a connection that doesn't involve constant questioning.

6. Being too friendly with other people

Being friendly and outgoing is great, but it's important to avoid flirting with other guys in front of us. It can create jealousy and insecurity, leading to the relationship ending before it even begins. While there's a fine line between being friendly and flirting, it's crucial to maintain boundaries and show respect for the relationship.

7. Having no interests

No offense intended, but a woman with no real interests or hobbies can be off-putting. Binge-watching Netflix doesn't count as a hobby. If there are no real passions or interests, the relationship may become dull quickly, leading to a shorter duration. If things are that unexciting at the beginning of a relationship, we may not stick around for long.

8. Letting little things upset you

Constantly complaining about every little thing can be a turn-off for most guys. While it may be part of your personality, try to minimize it. We prefer to be around someone positive and optimistic rather than someone negative. This applies to both men and women; no one wants to be around a constant complainer or grump.

9. Assuming we're ready for commitment

Bringing up marriage in the first six months of dating can be too premature and a red flag for most guys. While commitment is important, let's not rush into things too quickly. It's essential to avoid assuming that we're ready to make a serious commitment right away. Keep in mind that guys can sometimes feel overwhelmed by the idea of commitment, so it's best to take things slow and steady.

10. Having an emotional freakout

Unless it's a genuinely life-changing experience, having an emotional meltdown can scare off a guy quickly. Most guys prefer someone who's consistent and stable, and getting worked up over something trivial can be overwhelming for them. Though it may sound cliché, some guys do bail on women they perceive as crazy, so it's best to avoid giving them a reason to think that way.

11. Expecting him to pay for everything

While we don't have an issue with covering the expenses as we court you, assuming that we'll pay for everything isn't appealing. While this is less common today, expecting us to foot the bill on every outing could suggest that you're a gold digger, which is not desirable.

12. Talking trash about other people

Complaining about others just for the sake of it is unattractive and can make us guys nervous about what you might say about us if we break up. It also makes you seem catty and jealous, which isn't cool. Instead, try to have a positive conversation that focuses on your common interests.