12 Things We Wish Men Knew About Our Vaginas

12 Things We Wish Men Knew About Our Vaginas

Many men can't help marveling at our vaginas. They always seem to have so many unanswered questions about it. If you're one of the "in the dark" men, here are some things about our vaginas for your enlightenment. Read on to understand how to treat women the way they want you to.

1. You don't experience periods, so there's no excuse

We get a week or so of menses, but do you? Then, why are you reciprocating our being mad at you during this time? While we have a reason for it, you don't. So be a good guy and stop being a pain. There's totally no excuses for it.

2. Oral always works like magic

If I take long to cum, don't just let it stop at that. Don't give up yet. There are other ways to make me orgasm and allow me a chance to enjoy sex. Oral is the best, so do it until we tell you to stop.


3. Ask about our sweet spot, and we will gladly tell you

We understand when you struggle to find that spot that will drive us crazy. We even sympathize, knowing that it's because you care about how we feel during sex. Have you ever considered asking about that spot? It would be easier for you because we understand our bodies better than you do, just as you do yours.

4. Penetration alone isn't always enough

All women are different. Some of us will not experience orgasms during sex. That doesn't mean you're not good in bed though. It's only that our bodies need some more stimulation other than penetration. Try working up the clitoris; it could be as simple as that.

5. I may feel horny when I have my period


Our hormones during that time of the month can, at times, go haywire. They can produce all sorts of feelings in us, one of them is making us horny. So yes, I might want it even if you're not a guy who would be comfortable with the idea. Just understand my situation. It doesn't mean you have to agree to it.

6. Just because I'm angry doesn't mean it's that time of the month

While periods can affect my moods, it doesn't mean that I don't have feelings during other times. Assuming my moods to be caused by the menstrual cycle is downright rude and will offend me. You also get mad once in a while, don't you?

7. There are times when we are not in the mood


It is not always that we will be in the mood for sex. I may say no, which should not offend you. It isn't that I'm angry with you or don't love you anymore. Our feelings are different from those of men. Besides, are you always wanting sex yourself?

8. Leave the bathroom to us after sex

We need the bathroom more than you do after the act. Peeing is important to us for health reasons. Understand that, and avoid making it difficult for us by cuddling us or going there before us.

9. Women react differently

You may have offended your ex and got away with it, but that doesn't mean I will act in the same way. So, don't even start to think that you can do the things you did to those other girls. We are all different and tolerate issues differently.


10. We all experience periods differently

Some of us have a week of our period, others less than that, and some more than that. Some women lose their appetite, experience cramps, or feel overly tired while others don't. Just as vaginas are different, so are our periods. Just because you know of women who have it easy doesn't mean mine will be trouble-free.

11. Slight pain when having sex shouldn't scare you

The vagina is a sensitive organ, so don't be overly aggressive. Sometimes we don't get wet automatically which makes the start of sex a little bit uncomfortable. That's pretty normal and does not always mean that I don't want you to have me. Instead of feeling sorry for it, assist with bringing some lubrication to it so we can enjoy the act.

12. Let us have our way and say, It's our body

If we say no to sex, respect our decision. We have a choice on when to have it and when not to. We also have a choice on whether to shave or let the hair grow. Don't be offended by any of the paths we take, just as we are not with what you do with your body.