12 Things To Suggest Your Partner Is A Narcissist

12 Things To Suggest Your Partner Is A Narcissist

Often, people think that identifying a narcissist is a simple task, as you just have to be on the lookout for someone selfish, vain, and self-absorbed. However, there is far more to a true narcissist than just these qualities, and often this can make them difficult to spot. In fact, some people may even be in a relationship with someone who is a narcissist but simply haven't realized it because they already have a preconceived idea of exactly what a narcissist is like.

If you are wondering whether your partner may be a narcissist, there are some clues and signs that can give you a better idea other than selfishness, vanity, and self-obsession. Familiarizing yourself with the various possible signs of narcissism in a partner can help you to better determine whether your partner may have narcissistic tendencies or whether you are just being paranoid. In this article, we will run through 15 things that could suggest your partner is a narcissist.

A Rundown of Clues

There are various clues to look out for if you want an indication of whether your partner may be a narcissist at heart. Some of the main ones include:

If something goes wrong in your partner's life, they will blame you or on someone else rather than admitting they were at fault

Your partner is very emotionally detached. While you may be a couple, your partner doesn't seem to be in tune with you in terms of your emotions, and also seems emotionally detached from other people

They are very concerned about how your actions, or the actions of other family members, reflect upon them instead of understanding why someone is acting the way they are

When you talk to your partner, you do not feel as though they are really listening. They may be going through the motions, but they seem distant or even bored by what you are saying

Your partner talks a lot about their own day and how they feel, but never bothers to ask how your day has been or how you are feeling

You find that your partner habitually lies about everything, even when there is no apparent reason to lie. They may also come across as very convincing when telling these lies

They tell the same story over and over again to different people. However, each time, they put a different spin on it to make themselves look good in the eyes of the particular person they happen to be telling at the time

Your partner goes to extremes with their mistrust of everyone, which may include you and other close family members

They are very obsessed with their image, not just in terms of how they look but also how they come across to other people. They always want to look good to other people and want others to think how great they are

Your partner is always on a quest for power, whether this is in terms of their work or taking control of the family. They don't want to compromise – everything is their way

They will turn conversations around when you try to talk to them about yourself or issues that you are experiencing. Before long, you find the discussion is all about them and their issues

Your partner does not celebrate any achievements in your life, even though you are working toward a common goal. Instead, they act jealous and childish when you achieve something

Always Have Support Around

If you are living with a narcissist, it is difficult to know what they might do next. Some are controlling and devious, but others can dish out physical and emotional abuse. As such, you need to carefully assess your life and relationship, and always have a close network of support around you.