12 Things To Know If You Want To Get Close To A Person With INFJ

12 Things To Know If You Want To Get Close To A Person With Infj

INFJ is one of the sixteen personality forms found in the Myers-Briggs Type personality indicator. This type is the rarest personality type in the world.

INFJs possess some characteristics, most of which are unknown to us. As a result, we may find it hard to cope with them. Let's explore some facts about INFJ's that help to maintain a comfortable relationship with them.

1. INFJ's are often lonely:

INFJ is the rarest kind of personality. So, it is tough for an INFJ to find someone of the same personality. People of other personality types misunderstand them. That's why an INFJ knows the art of coping with loneliness.

2. They need some time for themselves:


No matter how much they love you, INFJs won't feel comfortable with you if they don't spend some time alone. INFJs require this alone time to recharge themselves.

3. They come with a mask:

INFJs have a mask to keep their actual characteristics hidden. As a result, you won't know much about them, but if you are fortunate enough to uncover the mask, you'll discover the beauty of an INFJ.

4. Instead of light conversations, an INFJ prefers a deep one:

INFJs hate to continue a light conversation. If you want to talk about the weather, they won't be interested. Instead of knowing how the weather is today, an INFJ would like to know about your life, aim, etc.


5. INFJ's feel things deeply:

They have deep feelings about everything. They can be really happy seeing a bird flying. On the other hand, a TV commercial can make them cry. That's why handling the emotions of an INFJ is tough.

6. INFJ's have a strong sixth sense:

They come with a strong intuitive power that they don't know. Most of them often use this intuition without knowing it. So, when you are with an INFJ, try to be the real you.

7. Relationships are important to them:

INFJ's have a deep feeling about relationships. They love to spend time with the people whom they love. If you are someone to an INFJ, he'll do anything for you.


8. They can easily cut you out of their life:

No matter how much they love you, if you do something wrong continuously, INFJ's will simply cut you off from their life. It hurts them, but they are not interested in keeping the wrong person in life.

9. They focus on the big picture:

The common characteristic of them is focusing on the big picture. They also look at the small details, but when they are in action, they plan and proceed to achieve big things that many of us can't imagine.

10. INFJ's can fight back:


They seem to be quiet at first glance, but if you hit them, they will fight back. They are always nice to you. Seeing this, some may try to take the chance of it. Don't do that. Making an INFJ angry is not a wise thing to do.

11. They have their ideology:

INFJ's like to make decisions depending on their ideology. This doesn't mean that they don't take opinions from others, but you'll never see an INFJ doing something just because others are doing it.

12. They are tough to understand:

Because of the difference in characteristics, you'll find it tough to get close and understand an INFJ. You need to be patient to discover the actual face of an INFJ.

Being close to INFJ and understanding them is not an easy task. But if you can do it, you'll see the beauty that you've never seen before.