12 Things He Does On Social Media That Are Red Flags


Today, your social media accounts are considered as a way to showcase the version of yourself you want the world to see. It's a common and wise modern dating approach to review a guy's social media before going on a first date or committing to a crush, but are you focusing on the right things? Below are 12 warning signs that your new partner may not be a good investment of your time.

1. His relationship status is "It's Complicated"

Although it may seem outdated to check someone's relationship status on Facebook, it is still a crucial step. Paying attention to how he describes his love life, such as listing it as "complicated," may indicate a lack of commitment, which may not be compatible with your desires. Additionally, if he is listed as "In a Relationship" with a "friend," it's possible that you may be competing for his attention before you even begin.

2. There are tons of pictures of him posing with different women

The most effective way to determine if you're dealing with a playboy is to peruse his Instagram and Facebook photos. If you notice that he posts images of his escapades every week, often accompanied by different women, it's a clear sign that he's not looking for anything serious.

3. He instigates Twitter fights or writes angry posts

We all know that guy who writes passive-aggressive Facebook posts about "all lives matter" and likes to start unnecessary Twitter fights with strangers or celebrities. This behavior could indicate a different worldview than yours, or even worse, a toxic need for attention or underlying anger issues. In any case, such behavior is toxic and not worth your time.

4. He flaunts a social issue or donation to a cause

Conversely, he may see himself as a highly enlightened person who enjoys assisting others. While this is commendable, there's a distinction between using social media to aid marginalized groups or contributing to natural disaster relief and blatantly BOASTING about it. Such issues are not meant for people to brag about or make themselves appear superior.

5. He's pushing you to talk on Snapchat

There's a significant difference between texting and Snapchat texting. If a guy prefers to communicate with you via text, it's probable that he's genuinely interested in getting to know you better. However, if he's suggesting that you switch to Snapchat for messaging, he may have ulterior motives. Don't be shocked if you receive a "Pics? ;)" message shortly after the switch. Just a heads up.

6. You're not featured on his social media accounts

This particular red flag only applies if you're dating the guy in question. If the only glimpse you've caught of yourself on his Instagram is an elbow in the background of a brunch photo, it's a cause for concern. While it may seem like worst-case scenario thinking, there's a possibility that he doesn't want his friends or other girls to notice that you're in the picture - quite literally.

7. His statuses are mainly negative

It's perfectly fine to have a terrible day and occasionally vent about it on social media, but it's crucial to take note if all of his statuses are gloomy and depressing.

8. He's constantly online

While it's true that we're all a little addicted to social media in 2023, someone who appears to be ALWAYS on social media might be displaying a red flag. It's possible that they're continually scouring for potential partners, or worse, they have no hobbies or interests beyond social media.

9. The word "I" seems to be his favorite thing

If someone is constantly posting about their life and accomplishments, highlighting every great thing that happens to them, it could be a cause for concern. While there's nothing inherently wrong with a little bit of humble bragging every now and then, a Facebook wall filled with self-promotion may be telling.

10. He retweets or reposts people you DON'T agree with

If he retweets @therealDonaldTrump at least every other day, and it makes you want to scream, it's worth noting who he follows and reposts. Keeping an eye on this will reveal a lot about his values and whether they align with yours.

11. You notice the same women liking/commenting on his posts

If you notice the same female name appearing repeatedly in his Instagram posts, it's reasonable to feel suspicious. While it could be a cousin or a close friend, a little bit of investigation might reveal that she's actually a friend with benefits he intends to keep seeing.

12. The Instagram accounts he follows are very sexual

While a few "girl in yoga pants" Instagram accounts may be harmless, if the majority of accounts he follows are sexually explicit, it's a red flag that shouldn't be ignored.

13. He doesn't let you follow him

If you're dating or seeing the guy, and he won't let you follow him on certain or all of his social media accounts, it's a red flag. If he gives you a ridiculous excuse, it's likely just a cover-up.