12 Things Guys Care About In A Girl Besides Her Looks

12 Things Guys Care About In A Girl Besides Her Looks

Yes, guys make fools of themselves over gorgeous girls all the time. We've all seen guys walk into things after a drop-dead beauty crosses their path.

But when it comes down to it, it takes more than looks to keep a guy interested.

Appearance matters a big deal, and while it gets you the attention, it cannot hold it for long on its own.

Yes, you have that curvy figure, pretty face, and everything else going for you. But there are things you could do that might easily turn off the guy and have him running for his life.


After a guy likes how you look and has obsessed over it long enough, the next thought in his mind will be, "what else does she offer?"

So, even though you might get guys swooning over you on the streets, it might be difficult keeping them interested without some of these 12 things.

1. Femininity

If you think being feminine makes you look weak, think again. Guys love it and they can hardly resist it. If femininity is a weakness, it is to the men who cannot resist a feminine girl.


2. Expressions

Don't think a pretty face is all a guy considers. You need to show your facial expressions so he does not feel like he is interacting with a mannequin. So, learn to make eye contact, smile, and do other expressions that keep him interested in that gorgeous face.

3. Confidence

Know your worth, and guys will love it. That means you should not be a pushover, but someone who can take a stand and understand what she wants.


4. Intelligence

You should date secure men who don't feel threatened by a girl's intelligence. Great guys love having a girl they can discuss many topics with, and that requires intelligence.

5. Fragrance

If you smell great, a guy will love being around you without him knowing it. He will also miss you because your fragrance makes your presence exciting to him.


6. Playfulness

All relationships need an element of playfulness. That makes the relationship fun. If you always freeze up or get upset when your guy tries to play around with you, he'll get sick of you pretty fast. It does not matter if you look like a model or not.

7. Enthusiasm for Life

Love life and men will love you. Be spontaneous and tenacious, and willing to try new things and go for adventures. Having energy makes guys more drawn to you.


8. Independence

You have probably heard frequently that men avoid independent women. But that is not entirely true. Independence does not mean having an arrogant and standoffish attitude, which is what many people mistake for independence. An independent woman is not clingy and is in control of her life. She can still let a man take care of her, but she does not cling to him for dear life.


9. Self Esteem

Guys love a girl who loves herself because that is a girl who can genuinely love someone else. So, respect yourself, and build yourself so you become a better person. If you are too desperate to change for the sake of your guy, you will not seem a worthwhile pursuit for him.

10. Kindness

Who can resist a kind heart? Being kind will make you very attractive to a guy, especially when he already likes your appearance. So, don't always be harsh and selfish, and you will be more attractive to guys.


11. A Healthy Glow

Make sure you have healthy and glowing skin, and you will be more noticeable to guys than other girls. You do this by avoiding stress and eating healthy. Also, make sure you work out regularly since sweating gives you a great healthy glow.

12. Inner Beauty

Physical appearance certainly gets noticed by a guy, but a girl who is beautiful on the inside is even more attractive. It is through inner beauty that a guy falls for you even more because he realizes there is something more special about you than just your looks. People can see your inner beauty although you might not.