12 Texts Guys Send That Drive Women Crazy (In A Good Way)

Whether you're a fan or not, texting plays a significant role in modern-day dating. When you engage in conversation with someone you're attracted to, you can quickly determine if the messages they're sending align with what you desire in a future spouse or if they're indications of future heartbreak. Although many people appreciate receiving lengthy messages expressing a man's intense feelings for them, there are also shorter messages that can evoke the same emotions with just a few words.

1. "Thinking About You"

It's especially endearing when a man you have feelings for takes a moment to remind you that you're on his mind, even if it's just a brief message. There's no request or favor being asked, just a genuine affection that motivates him to let you know that he's thinking of you. It may seem like a simple text, but the sentiment behind it is quite charming once you ponder the intention behind it.

2. "Good Morning :)"

Unlike some girls, I don't get upset if the guy I'm dating doesn't send a "good morning" text, but when I do receive one, it can make my entire day. It's a special feeling to know that the man you're interested in started his day by thinking of you.

3. "I Had A Great Time Tonight"

It's not uncommon to come home after an amazing date and wonder if the guy feels the same way. Receiving a text like this is confirmation that you're not the only one going to bed with a fluttery feeling in your stomach. Moreover, it eliminates the concern that he might have been put off by your loud snort when you laughed at his joke.

4. "I Love You"

"I love ya," "love you," and "luv u" don't quite cut it. It's challenging to express emotions through text, but there's something about typing out all three words with a period that conveys the message and proves that his love for you is genuine. It's different from the more casual and informal variations of the phrase, making it more authentic and significant.

5. "When Can I See You?"

Saying "I want to see you" in a casual manner is easy because there's no pressure to make actual plans. However, phrasing it as a question implies that he wants to set a specific time to meet up. This suggests that he genuinely wants to spend time with you rather than just paying you a compliment.

6. "Did You Make It Home Okay?"

Perhaps my expectations are unreasonably low, but a man who demonstrates genuine concern for my safety can easily make me feel weak in the knees. As someone who worries about the people I care for, having a man show a vested interest in my well-being earns him considerable admiration.

7. "Saw This And It Reminded Me Of You"

Whether it's a picture related to an inside joke that only you two share or a silly meme he thinks you'll find amusing, receiving something that a guy thought would make you smile is always heartwarming. It doesn't matter if it's something insignificant, the gesture shows that you hold a special place in his thoughts.

8. "I Miss You Already"

During the phase of a relationship where you can't seem to get enough of the person you're dating, it's reassuring to know that he feels the same way. Receiving this text message after an amazing day together is the perfect ending to a wonderful memory with that special someone who you can't stop thinking about.

9. "Check Out This Song"

If your guy isn't the type to compose love songs for you, sending you music that he believes you'll enjoy is a thoughtful substitute. It could be a track that's deeply significant to both of you or simply something that he feels matches your taste. Nevertheless, the act of sending it demonstrates that he's attentive to your interests and wants to bring some joy to your day.

10. "I Was Telling So-and-so About You Today"

Wait a minute - not only is he sharing details about you with others, but he's also informing YOU that he's doing so. This means that he wants you to be aware that you hold a significant place in his life. Knowing that he's mentioning you in discussions with his loved ones is an exciting feeling and makes you look forward to what the future holds with this guy.

11. "I Wish I Were There With You Right Now"

Despite the perception of it being a cheesy message, it still manages to come across as incredibly endearing, no matter how much you try to resist. It's effortless to picture the guy you're conversing with, sitting in his current location, wishing he was with you instead.

12. "You're Everything I've Ever Wanted. Your Love Means The World To Me"

It's impressive when a guy can distinguish between the proper usage of "you're" and "your." It's a turn-on.