12 Surefire Ways To Make Guys Head Over Heels For You

12 Surefire Ways To Make Guys Head Over Heels For You

Ladies, I'm going to level with you. We spend a lot of time wondering loudly what the other sex is thinking, doing, or feeling. But it's actually fair to say that we're probably ignoring some of the more obvious ways in which they are all too ready to fall head over heels for us.

In fact, and it gives me great satisfaction to say this, but we're pretty amazing gals! We know that, right?


Right-o, sit tight now and get ready to absorb all these 12 little tricks and hints that will render all the guys puddles around you. Puddles are romantic, right? Right?

Anyhow, here's how to have a man head over heels for you, starting (rather appropriately) with...

1. Heels!

A bit on the nose, I know, but these are a classic (if slightly dated) means of attracting attention to one's assets; legs! Even if you don't like your legs because you think they're too short, not tanned, lumpy, or just generally unsatisfactory. We all think that I promise, but whip on a pair of heels if you fancy it and go out on the town without giving a damn. Historically, the fewer damns you give, the more you receive. It's weird, I know.


2. Confidence

Self explanatory, I reckon.

3. Mix it up with make-up

If you normally don't wear any, why not whip on a tiny bit of mascara or go rogue with eyeshadow? Like we always say with guys, make an effort! Equally, if you normally wear make-up around this chap, why not go as bare-faced as you're comfortable being to give him an intimate insight into another side of you.


4. Rock a killer smile

We love a dazzling, charismatic smile, and no matter how insecure you may be about your teeth, lips, or chin - or whatever. Trust me when I say that there's nothing more intoxicating than the person you like smiling at you like they really see you. It hits kind of like a truck.

5. Increase the casual physical contact

As far as both parties are comfortable with, the increased gesture of affection and touching is one of the more intimate love languages that humankind has to offer. A hand on the thigh or on his back will send shivers down his spine and probably other places too! Saucy.


6. Turn up to watch his football practice

He'll be so thrilled to see you that he won't know what to do with himself.

7. Show willingness with one of his hobbies, and remember that compromise is key!

Pair playing FIFA together in the morning with a walk in the evening and a Love Island catch up the next day. Make sure you establish early boundaries, but also explore the ways that your two worlds can combine!


8. Bring up a conversation about something that he loves

Discuss pokémon, Man United, artisanal coffee, or traveling around the world - or whatever it is that floats his boat, it doesn't matter. Just get on board!

9. Make him something

A drink, soup, or toast - anything that expresses your willingness to anticipate his needs - just, I clarify, as he will do for you.


10. Play hard to get, just a little bit

If you don't fancy leaving him on read, then maybe make sure that you don't respond to his messages immediately all the time. Ensure that you have enough time apart to recognise that you actually miss each other! As soon as he realises that he misses you, that's job done.


11. Communicate with him that you are interested in and keen to pursue where things go

Don't just wait for him to make the first move; men can be very reserved. Why not risk it and tell him how you feel? What's the worst that can happen...

Finally, the most important tip on how to get a guy hooked:


12. Be yourself!

Don't just pretend to be someone that you think he wants or will find desirable. You are more than enough - of that, there is just no doubt.

Yes, that is my big secret to relationships; but seriously, stick to your guns!

It's cheesy, yes, but if romantic advice can't be cloyingly embroidered on your grandma's throw pillows, is it really romantic advice?