12 Subtle Signs Your Partner May Be Cheating

Most people would rather know the harsh truth about a partner's indiscretions than remain in the dark about an affair. That is why we are typically on the lookout for signs that our partners are unfaithful, consciously or subconsciously.

Of course, a specific trait might be completely innocent, but when considered together, the behaviors could be an undeniable sign that your partner is seeing someone else behind your back. Here are signs that your partner may be stepping out on you.

1. An Ever-Growing Emotional Distance

12 Subtle Signs Your Partner May Be Cheating

If you are starting to feel that the emotional distance between you and your partner is growing, then yeah, your partner may be no longer faithful to you. In case you are wondering what emotional distance feels like, you will start noticing that trivial issues can now rock the relationship to its core.

2. Your Gut Says Something's Wrong

12 Subtle Signs Your Partner May Be Cheating

As far as relationships go, you have to use your heart more than your mind. Your mind can make you think about any number of crazy things, but only your gut can make you sure about your partner's infidelity if at all it exists.

For this reason, you should learn to listen to your gut. If your intuition says your partner is cheating, that's a good sign that they might be.

3. You Don't Feel Like You Are Part Of Their Life Anymore

12 Subtle Signs Your Partner May Be Cheating

If you have changed from being a partner into a spectator in your relationship, then your partner may have found passion and comfort in the arms of another.

You will know that you are no longer an essential part of the relationship when you no longer get consulted on anything. When your partner starts valuing another person, your opinion will not matter as much as it did in the past.

4. Your Partner Wants You To Spend Time With Someone Else

12 Subtle Signs Your Partner May Be Cheating

Love makes us want to spend as much time as possible with those we love. So, if your partner encourages you to step out into the world and spend your precious time with other people, something might be going on.

If your partner no longer seems to mind when you spend time with other people, then it might be a sign they have also found someone special to spend their time on.

5. There Have Been Some Routine Changes

12 Subtle Signs Your Partner May Be Cheating

Before you start accusing your partner of cheating, understand that routines can change for many reasons, such as a new job or work schedule. However, if you realize that your partner does not spend as much time with you as they previously did without any explanation whatsoever, they may be seeing someone else.

6. Your Partner Is Cagey About How They Use Their Time

12 Subtle Signs Your Partner May Be Cheating

When your partner gets secretive about how they spend their time, you have a reason to be worried. People don't want their partners to know they might be doing something as terrible as seeing someone else, which is why they want to keep the time they spend on illicit affairs secret.

So, if you feel that you have no idea what your partner has been up to lately, you might have a reason to think they are unfaithful.

7. They Won't Pick Up The Phone When You Are Around

12 Subtle Signs Your Partner May Be Cheating

Does your partner let the phone ring and refuse to pick the call when you are around? If the call was so innocent, then picking up the phone would not be such a huge deal.

The most common reason people do this has everything to do with hiding the fact that they are communicating with someone who considers them a lover.

8. They Won't Discuss Their Feelings And Emotions Any Longer

12 Subtle Signs Your Partner May Be Cheating

An unfaithful partner will have a tough time telling you how they feel because they are afraid a moment of weakness can result in their getting caught. When someone is scared to be vulnerable, they usually feel they have a secret worth hiding.

9. There's Tension Around You When You Are Together

12 Subtle Signs Your Partner May Be Cheating

When there is deceit in a relationship, there will also be some tension between you. That is because a valuable relationship is at risk, and your cheating partner knows it.

The tension is caused by the fear that your partner might make a mistake and make you aware that they are having an affair behind your back.

10. Your Partner Overreacts To Your Personality Flaws

12 Subtle Signs Your Partner May Be Cheating

When you are partners, you accept each other despite your personal flaws. However, a cheating partner might no longer find your unique quirks tolerable.

They might therefore take any opportunity they get to let you know how imperfect you are. This behavior is intended to make you feel less confident about your suitability as a partner and therefore justify their decision to see someone else behind your back.

11. They Have A New "Best Friend" You Know Little About

12 Subtle Signs Your Partner May Be Cheating

If your partner has found a new best friend that takes up all their time, then there is a chance there is infidelity in your relationship. When you are in a relationship, you typically want to spend most of your time with your partner, not other people.

12. They Change Their Looks Substantially

12 Subtle Signs Your Partner May Be Cheating

A cheating partner will often completely change how they look as a way to impress their new catch. This change can also demonstrate that they are growing less attached to the relationship you share.

Finally, you should understand that none of these signs means much by itself. However, if you see a couple of these signs at once, then your partner might be cheating on you.