12 Strategies I Use To Get Someone To Notice Me When I'm Crushing Hard

Getting someone to notice you is simpler than you might anticipate. Here are some techniques I use to catch the attention of the person I have a crush on, with the expectation that they'll develop feelings for me too.

1. I Try To Become Friends First (If We're Not Already)

When it comes to my crush, I don't simply sit and wait for them to approach me. I understand that if I want them to take notice of me, I need to take the initiative to establish a connection with them, even if it means starting off as friends or acquaintances. This is an essential first step towards establishing any form of relationship.

2. I Regularly Start Conversations

To establish a friendship with someone I'm interested in and to get their attention, it's crucial that I communicate with them regularly. It could be as easy as asking about their day, which can then lead to more intimate conversations as I become more familiar with them. I don't wait for my crush to pick up on my thoughts and reach out to me. Sometimes, I take the lead and initiate the conversation.

3. I Show Interest In The Person's Life

To demonstrate that I care and to create a stronger bond, I make an effort to understand my crush as much as possible. As we grow closer, I go beyond surface-level inquiries and engage in more profound discussions. For instance, I inquire about their aspirations or engage in conversations about their passions.

4. I Show Them That I'm A Good Listener

I demonstrate to my crush that I am a reliable and caring support system for them during difficult times or when they're struggling with something. I make myself available to listen and talk to them whenever they need someone to lean on. Moreover, I celebrate their achievements and victories, which highlights my positive and encouraging nature. In doing so, I convey that I would be an excellent friend and a supportive partner.

5. I Highlight My Strengths

It's not just about me getting to know my crush; I also want them to understand who I am. To demonstrate my positive qualities, I share information about myself that highlights my strengths. For instance, I might discuss my professional aspirations or express the significance of my family. By doing so, I hope that my crush recognizes the admirable aspects of my character and considers me a valuable prospect.

6. I Find Common Interests

Discovering shared interests is an excellent method for establishing a connection with my crush. It doesn't have to be anything elaborate - enjoying the same music or television program can suffice. This way, we have a common topic to discuss, and it demonstrates that we would have a good time together if we were in a relationship.

7. I Try New Things With Them

After establishing a friendship, I propose engaging in activities together, maybe with a group of shared acquaintances initially. I make an effort to suggest things that my crush enjoys, even if it's not necessarily my preference. By doing so, I convey that my interest is not solely about me, and I'm open to new experiences. This approach certainly captures their attention.

8. I Joke Around A Lot

Laughter is an effective method for winning someone's heart. Consistently engaging in humor and joking around with my crush captures their attention and fosters a connection based on the joy we experience when we're together. It's also an opportunity to flirt and potentially move beyond the friend zone.

9. I Flirt But Not Too Much

When I'm interested in someone, I make a conscious effort to flirt with them to grab their attention and demonstrate my romantic interest. It's vital to showcase that I'm interested in them beyond just a platonic connection; otherwise, they may not be aware of my feelings. However, I ensure that I don't go overboard since I don't want to make them feel uncomfortable or come across as desperate. Instead, I aim to strike a balance that enables them to develop genuine affection for me.

10. I'm Not Overbearing

I strive to show my interest in the person I'm crushing on, but I avoid going overboard as it may become annoying and push them away, even if they have feelings for me. I respect their personal space and can recognize if they aren't interested.

11. I Try To Be Myself Above All Else

I value authenticity and am confident in myself, so I never pretend to be someone I'm not, especially when trying to attract someone I'm interested in. Starting a relationship based on falsehoods is not my style, and anyone who doesn't accept me for who I am is not worth my time. I believe that being true to myself is the key to attracting the right people.

12. I Tell The Person How I Feel

If my attempts to get my crush's attention and build a relationship are unsuccessful, I eventually gather the courage to express my feelings to them directly. Although it can be nerve-wracking, I've come to realize that it's not as daunting as it seems. If I'm particularly anxious about it, I may opt for a simple text to get my message across. For me, sharing my feelings is the only way to know for sure that I've done everything possible. Even if it doesn't work out, at least I won't have any regrets or unanswered questions.