12 Star Sign Combinations That Are Simply Not Meant To Be

12 Star Sign Combinations That Are Simply Not Meant To Be

Some combinations just don't work. Oil and water. Chalk and cheese. And your star sign is no different. Some combinations of perspectives, habits, and forms of being just don't match up on a fundamental level. There's a lack of compatibility that no amount of trying will be able to overcome.

We've compiled a list of the worst star sign combinations for a relationship for every star sign. Keep reading to find who you should avoid!


Aries, Aries, Aries. You're the bull and the fire. No surprises then that you're generally passionate, you're hard workers, you say what you think and you're full of energy and ideas. The intense spirit that Aries have means they don't often work well with calmer signs. And essentially, this means that Aries and Cancer are just not meant to be.

Cancer is an emotional, unstable, and sensitive star sign, so put together with Aries, things just don't work out. Aries wants to control things and know the answers right now whilst Cancer is going to react emotionally. They say opposites attract, but all that happens is that Cancer needs more than Aries can give and if the tables ever turn, a Cancer is going to find it hard to give Aries the support they may need. If you try to make this pair work, you do so at your own risk!


Patient and calm, Taurus likes and brings stability to any situation. They are excellent at saving money and making action plans, although they can fall prey to temptations such as food, drink, and other small luxuries. They respect tradition. Taurus can be difficult for those who are more of the spontaneous and emotional persuasion. Taurus and Aquarius is your typical clash. Whilst Taurus is a sign of routine, of the family, of tradition, Aquarius is your more flighty, go-with-the-flow sign and these things are sooner or later going to cause problems. Taurus is going to wonder why Aquarius wants space, why they can never seem to commit to taking action on an issue, whilst Aquarius can't see why Taurus is so committed to following the rules - they're just there to be broken. It can sometimes work, but this can be a difficult relationship if both parties aren't willing to put quite a bit of effort in.


Geminis can see the two sides of the coin (after all, they are represented by twins!), be friendly, charismatic, and get things done. The other side of the coin (see what I did there?) is that Geminis can be superficial and they like to gossip. We're not here to judge! But we will say that Gemini and Pisces are never going to make it work.

Pisces are obsessed with honesty and that superficial, gossipy side whilst it might be great at a party, will never go down well with a Pisces. On the other hand, Pisces' sensitive and emotional nature will drive Gemini crazy. It's not that Geminis don't have some of that themselves, but a Gemini is never going to understand a Pisces need for solitude and reflection.


Cancer is maybe the most opaque sign of the zodiac. It's difficult to create a good list of what typically characterize Cancer. It's not that they're slippery, just that they like to keep their deepest thoughts to themselves. Cancer is driven by family and will do anything to support their friends and loved ones. One negative to Cancer is that they can be a bit lazy at times, so it can be difficult to get them up and doing the things they want to do.

Cancer and Capricorn are one pair that can be hard to make work. They are opposites, but not in ways that fill out the other, rather in ways that make their negative characteristics worse. Cancer will sacrifice everything for their relationship and Capricorns will take that without being aware of the sacrifice. Capricorn is, after all, the dominant sign of the zodiac. Cancer also won't say anything to Capricorn, so the problem continues unresolved. You can see where this goes, can't you? Resentment builds up and adds to certain codependency that can come with this match, and none of it is a recipe for success. Only disaster.


Leo, the zodiac lion, is prone to childish outbursts and tantrums and generous, good workers and good leaders. Leos are not going to get along well with someone they don't understand. I think someone attention-grabbing. Maybe they have a bit of a sting in their tail if you can get where I'm coming from? Leo and Scorpio, the lion and the scorpion, is a pretty difficult pair to make work. Sure they both are flashy in their own right, but a lion often doesn't know where it's putting its paws and the scorpion can sting too often. Rather than understand each other, Leo and Scorpio tend to get anxious about the flashiness of the other. Ultimately they both crave a partner who is calmer and happy to watch them strut their stuff.


Perfectionists to the core, Virgos will work hard to make everything work. They are the first to offer to help you move house, and they really will go out of their way to try to help you. They can be a bit stingy at times (they are perfectionists after all and that includes money) and obsessed with cleanliness, so they're not good with anyone who's too "go with the flow" and "what does it matter"!

Virgo and Sagittarius are just that - it's a mismatch. Virgo loves order and Sagittarius loves to discover new things. This could be a good match where both partners learn something new, but too often, Virgo and Sagittarius just devolves into disorder, the kind neither sign can tolerate.


Libra is a scale. They are all about finding balance, solving problems rationally and calmly. They stick to their guns and won't budge from what they believe in, to an almost ridiculous degree. Libra needs someone easy-going who can go with the flow, letting them take charge of things and balance them out a bit.

Libra and Aries. Aries is not going to change their mind and neither is Libra. No one will ever budge on an issue, and as we know, that's no way to run a relationship. You've got to have some give or take. The amount of arguments about things is something that would drive you up the wall, so do us a favor and give Aries a wide berth!


The scorpion of the zodiac does not surprisingly come with a sting in its tail. They are charming and kind until they're put in a corner and then you can see the other side of your Scorpio. For this reason, Scorpio and Aquarius are not a match made in heaven. Scorpio has a tendency towards jealousy and Aquarius are always out of the house, busy doing things! Things that Scorpios have no interest in doing, but the fact that their partner is always out of the house is going to bring up some stuff.

This jealousy is going to take hold and then that sting will come out! If you're a Scorpio try to go for one of the more grounded signs of the zodiac. Unfortunately, as much as we want it to, it's just not going to work out with Aquarius.


Sagittarius are generally strong-willed, free spirits who follow the beat of their drum. They are philosophical and like to talk things through. They are social by nature, enjoying the company of others immensely, and exploring new things. Unfortunately, what a Sagittarius needs in a relationship - a partner in crime - isn't there when paired with a Gemini.

Sagittarius and Gemini is the meeting of two independent spirits who enjoy doing their own thing. Unlike many of the others we've described above, this relationship isn't going to be characterized by fights and disagreements. Rather, both partners are going to be so busy living their lives they won't even be able to find time for the relationship. If you can make it work, go for it! But this duo is going to need some serious compromise, something that neither Sagittarius nor Gemini finds appealing.


Capricorn and Virgo. We'll just jump straight into this one to mix things up and lead us to this relationship's key problem. There is no mixing it up when it comes to these two.

Capricorns love order. Virgos love order. Capricorns are happy doing the same as always. Virgos are happy doing the same as always. Capricorns are grounded and structured. Virgos are grounded and structured.

Sheesh!! You get the point. These two are too much of a good thing. Like most of the other signs in the zodiac, this groundedness plays perfectly with more relaxed and loose types, helping both signs to find a happy medium, but when Capricorn and Virgo find each other. Well, there's no passion, no spontaneity, and it's just pretty boring.


And positioning themselves as the anti-Capricorn and Virgo, we'd like to introduce Aquarius and Leo. Aquarius is an air sign and Leo is fire, so Aquarius just fans the Leo flames. This is an emotional rollercoaster where the highs are so good and the lows are so bad. No stability here.

Aquarius and Leo are going to start off having hella fun, but it's soon going to fall apart. Aquarius, our dear commitment-phobes, doesn't want to take things a step further, and this spells the start of the end. There will be tears, there will be drama, but try to remember the good times after all, is said and done?


Pisces. Our final fishy, dreamy, emotional, secretive friends. And unfortunately, all of that dreaminess is what makes Pisces and Sagittarius a match that is really hard to make work long term. Things can get off the ground with these two. Both signs are free spirits unencumbered by the more pressing issues in life like making money or making plans.

They have plenty in common, but difficulties communicating, a lack of groundedness and the step-back approach to life (rather than the lean in) both mean that Pisces and Sagittarius will always find it difficult to have a healthy relationship.