12 Signs You're With The Person You're Supposed To Marry

12 Signs You’re With The Person You’re Supposed To Marry

There is a world of difference between tolerating someone for several years and being married. In the right marriage, we should have someone who cares about us and someone who is the best for us in all ways. Anyone else should have no place in our lives. But how do you figure out you have found the right partner? Here are 12 signs that you are have found the right person.

12 Signs You Have Found a Worthy Marriage Partner.

1. They Bring Out The Best In You

With the right partner, you should bring out the best in each other. Each of you should be helping the other be the best they can be so that you can both get where you want to be in life.

2. You Are On The Same Level

When you find out that the things that matter to you the most also matter to your partner, then you are bound to have a happy marriage and that partner might be worth it.

3. Your Partner Apologizes When Wrong

Both of you should be in a position to apologize and move ahead with other things in your life. If pride gets in the way, then that's not a good sign.

4. You Feel Safe And Secure With Them

Your relationship should give you a sense of safety and security. If you are always afraid that something could go wrong, or you feel like you don't belong, then you are with the wrong person.

5. Your Partner Knows You As You Truly Are

The right partner should care about more than your appearance and know you inside out. They should see you as nobody else does.

6. Your Partner Opens Up To You

The right marriage partner will let you in what they are like, including their likes and dislikes. He should have no trouble introducing you to his friends either. In general, there should be no limits in your relationship.

7. Your Partner Does Not Make You Anxious All The Time

A relationship should be free of stress and exhaustion. So, if you feel tapped out at the end of each day due to your partner, then they are not right for you. Having to put up appearances and hide things to make them happy should be a notable red flag.

8. Your Partner Can Be Vulnerable Around You

You cannot truly let each other into your lives unless you are vulnerable around each other. If you can see a side to your partner that nobody else does, then that is very important.

9. Your Partner Does Not Belittle Your Emotions

You can suffer a lot of damage from being with someone who makes your emotions feel unimportant. So, the right person should help you handle even the slightest emotional challenges.

10. They Can Handle Your Constructive Criticism

If you have someone who will listen to things that you find hard to say, then you have found the right person. These people embrace growth and that is important in any relationship.

11. Your Partner Cares About You

If you get a partner who cares about you and is always kind and tries to make sure you have all you need, then you have found a keeper. People who walk all over you and make you feel neglected cannot make good marriage partners.

12. The Partner Communicates Well In The Relationship

Relationships are held well together through proper communication. If you have reached a point where you cannot communicate properly, then the relationship is heading towards an inevitable ugly end and you should leave before it's too late.