12 Signs Your Boyfriend Is A Freeloader


Although the era of men footing the bill for everything is a thing of the past and having an equitable relationship is now the norm, there are still some men who do not hesitate to exploit their partners. It's important to identify whether he intends to use you for financial gain and bask in the glory of your accomplishments. It's best to be aware of these warning signs before getting deeply involved. Here are 12 indications that he is a freeloader.

1. He Tells You He's Struggling

Typically, individuals refrain from discussing weighty issues during their initial encounter. However, this gentleman may opt to dive right into personal struggles related to finances or life. Alternatively, he may continuously gripe about his unpleasant circumstances. One must consider if he anticipates receiving financial support or solutions from the other party.

2. He Asks You To Pick Up The Bill

While dividing the expenses on a first date is acceptable, it's impolite for him to request that you pay the entire bill, particularly if he was the one who ordered all the alcoholic beverages or urged you to indulge in dessert.

3. He Still Lives With His Parents

If a man is fully grown but incapable of being self-sufficient, it should be considered a significant warning sign. If his parents are still financially supporting him, then he is not fit to be a boyfriend. However, if he had to temporarily move back in with his parents but has a plan to regain his independence, it may be more understandable. It is unacceptable if he is content with regressing in life.

4. He Talks About Moving In With You

If he talks about moving in with you even though he hardly knows you, it's a troubling indication for several reasons. Firstly, he may be a love-bomber. Alternatively, he could be aiming to move in with you to rely on you financially, which is a concerning thought.

5. He Always Forgets His Wallet

It's incredibly disappointing when a man arranges dates with you but then pleads ignorance to having his wallet or lacking sufficient cash to pay. In these instances, he is merely attempting to manipulate you into paying for everything. The situation becomes even more absurd when he accuses his bank of errors or fabricates other unlikely excuses.

6. He Doesn't Have A Job

Although this behavior does not automatically imply that he intends to exploit your financial stability, it's essential to assess whether he is actively pursuing a new job or appears to have no interest in re-entering the workforce. The latter is a significant warning sign, and you should avoid him.

7. He Gives You A Sob Story About His Rent

If a man approaches you with tearful eyes, requesting assistance because he lacks the funds to pay his rent, he may provide an excuse that he had to aid his sick best friend or his solitary mother. However, if the situation seems dubious, it probably is. Trust your instincts instead of succumbing to guilt and denying your own boundaries.

8. He Has A Drug Problem

If the man consistently appears with bloodshot eyes or appears dazed, it may be a sign that he is on hard drugs. In such cases, it is advisable to end the relationship because the situation is likely to deteriorate. He may hope that you will pay for his expenses when he uses up all his money to acquire his next dose. Additionally, he may take advantage of your energy and efforts, leaving you feeling drained.

9. He's Lazy

If you visit him on a weeknight and find him always glued to the TV, sleeping in late, and behaving like an adolescent, it's a red flag. His apartment is littered with empty pizza boxes and trash that he forgets to take out, which is a significant concern. Such a lifestyle implies that he is waiting for someone to pick up after him, and you shouldn't be that person. You deserve more than a babysitting role in a relationship.

10. He's Always Complaining About Other People

If a man refuses to take responsibility for his life and the issues that arise in it, you may want to consider whether he has a tendency to freeload. He may use excuses such as "my previous boss was unfair, and that's why I lost my job" or "I would have saved money if my family had not interfered" or "I can't afford rent because my landlord is terrible." These statements are just excuses and are not a sign of a responsible and self-sufficient individual.

11. He Asks To Use Your Car

If a man frequently asks you to pick him up and take him to work because his car is having issues, it may be a red flag that he cannot manage his own life. If this becomes a regular occurrence and he relies on your possessions or time, it may feel like he is using you. It is essential to evaluate the situation and communicate with him about finding a long-term solution.

12. He Never Pays You Back

While it is understandable that everyone may require assistance occasionally, the problem arises when he requests that you lend him money and fails to repay you or acts as if he has no recollection of it. This is not only unbecoming but also unsatisfactory.