12 Signs You Are Giving Way More Than You Will Ever Get Out Of Your Relationship

Maintaining relationships can be challenging, regardless of whether they are with family, friends, or romantic partners. The success of any relationship is determined by the effort put in by each person involved. However, it's important to recognize when a relationship has become toxic and step back to assess the situation. If you identify any of the following scenarios in your relationships, it may be time to sever ties.

1. You're Always There for Them but They're Never There for You

If your friend only contacts you when they need something, and you always go out of your way to help, but they are never available when you need assistance, it's a one-sided relationship. A healthy relationship involves mutual give-and-take, so if it's always take, it may be time to reevaluate the relationship. It's okay to set boundaries and expect a fair exchange in your relationships.

2. They're Always Talking About Themselves

During your next conversation with someone, pay attention to how often they talk about themselves. Do they show interest in you and ask questions? Are they actively listening to what you have to say, or do they dominate the conversation? These are signs of a one-sided relationship and could indicate narcissistic behavior.

3. They Always Accept Your Gifts but Never Return the Sentiment

If someone consistently forgets your birthday or doesn't give you gifts on holidays, even though they should know better, it's understandable to feel unappreciated. It's natural to desire recognition for the effort and thought you put into a relationship, especially if you make an effort to acknowledge them.

4. You're Always Their Last Choice

Experiencing the feeling of being picked last in gym class can be unpleasant. However, when someone who is supposed to care about you makes you feel that way, it's time to consider letting them go. It's not fair to be someone's second or last choice in a relationship, and you deserve to be treated with respect and consideration.

5. You Always Initiate Communication

If you always have to initiate conversations, it's possible that the other person doesn't view the relationship the same way you do. Additionally, if they take a long time to respond to your messages, it's a clear indication that you aren't a priority for them. It's reasonable to expect your friends or significant other to show concern for your well-being and extend invitations to social events.

6. They Always Choose Others Over You

If your friend or partner frequently cancels plans with you to spend time with others, it may indicate that they are not prioritizing your feelings. If they prefer to do something else, they could at least extend an invitation to you.

7. You Always Catch Them Lying to You

Being lied to by someone, whether it's a friend or not, indicates a lack of respect. If someone you're supposed to trust tells white lies or consistently lies, it may be best to remove them from your life. If they also pressure you or your friends to lie, it's definitely time to end that relationship.

8. They Introduce You as Someone Lesser

The way someone introduces you can reveal their perception of the relationship. If your partner refers to you as a friend or your friend introduces you as a coworker, it's possible that they don't view you the same way you view them. For instance, I once lived with a friend who always referred to me as her roommate while I called her my friend. If this is the case, you must decide whether you're comfortable with the dynamic or if it's time to move on.

9. They Disregard or Minimalize Your Feelings

Your feelings are important, and they should be important to someone who values you. If someone doesn't ask about your well-being even when you're visibly upset, they likely don't care. If you express your emotions to someone and they dismiss your feelings as stupid or unwarranted without even trying to understand, they are not only inconsiderate but also bad friends.

10. You're Always Wondering What You Did Wrong

When someone becomes indifferent towards you and makes you feel ignored, your initial reaction might be to question yourself. However, if you feel that way all the time, the issue likely lies with them, not you. At some point, you must acknowledge that you did nothing wrong and let go. If you are aware that you did something to upset them but can't seem to earn their forgiveness, your friendship may not be as significant to them as you believed. In either case, it may be necessary to end the relationship.

11. They Never Follow Through on Their Promises

One of my greatest annoyances is when someone says they will call or expresses a desire to hang out but fails to follow through. If they do eventually reach out, it's only on their own schedule. A genuine friend or significant other will honor their commitments and be reliable. You should not accept anything less than that. Follow-through is a crucial component of any healthy relationship.

12. You Feel Like You're Being Taken for Granted

Ignoring your feelings is never a good idea because they can accumulate over time and lead to resentment in the relationship. It's crucial to address them either by discussing them with your partner or ending the relationship if necessary. Don't settle for someone who doesn't care about you.