12 Signs The Guy You Are Talking To Online Will Never Meet You In Person

Approaching the first date with optimism is recommended, but if you can't shake off the feeling that the guy you've been chatting with online may ghost you before the date, it may be wise to trust your instincts. Additionally, there are other signs to look out for that may indicate he's planning to stand you up.

1. He's a flaky guy

If a guy talks about leaving his friends at a pub and never showing up or makes plans with you for the weekend but fails to follow up, it's unlikely that he's serious about you and wants to spend time together. Such behavior indicates otherwise.

2. He's catfishing you

Beware of getting catfished without realizing it. If a guy appears too perfect online or his selfies resemble professional modeling shots, he may be dishonest about his looks and identity. Such individuals are unlikely to show up for a date as they fear being exposed.

3. He talks about making plans

Pay attention to how a guy talks about meeting up. If he spends too many text messages discussing making plans instead of actually making them, he may be stalling.

4. He's a little too much

It's possible to come on too strong, even in online communication. If a guy is constantly flattering and expressing excessive enthusiasm without knowing much about you, he may end up self-sabotaging and ghosting you before the first date.

5. He's always "busy"

If a guy talks to you for hours but suddenly becomes too busy at work when the topic of your planned date comes up, it could be a sneaky way for him to fade away without meeting up. If he has always managed to make time for you despite a busy schedule, then there is no cause for concern. However, if he suddenly becomes neglectful due to an "I'm so swamped!" situation, it's a red flag.

6. He'll "try to make it"

If a guy initially appeared keen to plan a date but now claims to be too busy as the date approaches, it can be frustrating. If he suggests he'll try his best to make it, it's possible that he's using this tactic to prepare you for the possibility of being stood up. This is a cowardly move and not worth your time.

7. He suddenly slows down contact

If you were chatting frequently with a guy, but his communication frequency decreases after planning a date, it's a sign that he may not be interested in hanging out.

8. Date deets aren't confirmed

If you're supposed to meet a guy at a specific location but he hasn't confirmed the time or day, it's a huge red flag. This lack of confirmation may indicate that he's not interested in setting a concrete plan because he doesn't plan on showing up.

9. He made plans ages ago

Although it's positive when a guy makes plans with you in advance, it can also backfire. The guy who plans far in advance might be stalling and could end up not showing up on the day of the date. One way to determine his level of interest is to bring up the upcoming date and observe his reaction.

10. He never gave you his number

If you matched with a guy on Tinder and made plans to meet up, but he hasn't given you his phone number, it's a cause for concern. As the date approaches and he still hasn't shared his contact details, it's a sign that something may be wrong.

11. He sends you a text at the last minute

If a guy sends you a text message saying he can't make it to the date you were supposed to have in 20 minutes, it's shady. While it's possible that something unexpected happened, if his text is vague, it's not a good sign. It could be an indication that he planned on standing you up from the beginning.

12. He throws you a curveball

One way a guy might give you a hint that he's going to stand you up is by questioning your connection out of the blue. For instance, he might ask, "Do you think we really match?" This sudden doubt could indicate that he's having second thoughts about meeting in person.