12 Signs That You And Your Partner Are A "Power Couple"

12 Signs That You And Your Partner Are A “power Couple”

Power couples are formed of two individuals who are amazing separately, but when they are put together as a couple, they become a force to be reckoned with. Such a power couple is compatible on a fundamental level, able to conquer absolutely anything together.

Below are twelve signs that point to whether you are in such a power couple.

1. You are each other's biggest fans. Instead of avoiding talking about your goals, such as with your careers, you discuss them in-depth and work towards your goals together, doing whatever is necessary to achieve them.

2. The two of you together are not what can be described as "chill," instead, you will usually be found working long hours, allowing that to build your relationship.

3. People always tell you that you are a power couple. Your friends will usually make comments on how lucky the two of you are to have found one another, how compatible you are.

4. You become the person, or the couple, to go for relationship advice by others. Everyone wants to be in on the secret of how you two make it work so well while together, while at the same time, go towards your own goals.

5. There are people out there that you don't know that have somehow heard of you. People that you know end up using you as an example of the goals that every relationship should strive for.

6. You are two very competitive individuals, and that does not stop at one another. If anything, you use your competitive streak to keep each other on your toes, to help work towards your goals together.

7. Though you trust each other to make decisions on your own, the biggest decisions in the relationship are always made by the two of you together. You respect the fact that any decision could have an impact on you both and do not shy away from the tough discussions.

8. Outside influences do not matter to you as you believe that your relationship is as solid as a rock. No one else has any sort of input on what happens in your relationship, nor can they disrupt it.

9. Any accomplishment, shared or separate, is viewed as an accomplishment for you both. Whenever you have reached a new goal, for example, a promotion at work, you both see it as a source of pride.

10. No matter the responsibilities that you have, or what is essential in your life, you would not hesitate to drop everything for your significant other if the situation demanded it.

11. There is no question that the two of you make each other better in every way, and everyone is hoping that you will succeed as a couple. Friends and family notice and don't mind pointing it out.

12. The two of you are either great as guests or as hosts of any social gathering. You are the people that bring the party to life, and when you're together, it is infinitely better.

If you feel that the majority of these describe you and your significant other, it means that you are truly a power couple. You are the "it" couple, the one that everyone else wants to be.