12 Signs His Social Media Posts Are Actually About You

It may seem like wishful thinking to believe that a guy's social media posts are directed at you, but if you notice these 12 signs, then it's not just your imagination. These are the ways to know if he's trying to send you indirect messages through his online presence.

1. He Always Seems To Post Things When You're Online

You log onto social media and suddenly there's another post from him. If this happens frequently, it could be that he's keeping an eye on when you're active online, or when you've just made a new post. By doing so, he increases the chances that you'll see his updates and not miss them in your feed.


2. He Hints At Inside Jokes

If the joke he's posted seems familiar, it's probably because you both shared a laugh about something similar recently. This indicates that you're on his mind and he wants you to know it. A guy's social media activity can reveal a lot about him, and he's definitely thinking about you!

3. He "Likes" Your Updates After Posting Updates Of His Own

He seems to like everything you post on Instagram and comments on all your selfies on Facebook, which can make you feel like he's monitoring your every move. While he's clearly expressing that he's noticing you, he's also hoping that you'll reciprocate and like his content as well. Essentially, he's saying, "Hey, look at me too!"


4. He Posts Updates After Seeing You

Shortly after spending an incredible date together, he promptly posts something on social media, indicating that he had a wonderful time or that he's "catching the feels." This is undoubtedly about you, and not just some meaningless dog meme.

5. His Sexy Selfies Have Increased Since Meeting You

Before meeting him, you scrolled through his Instagram feed and didn't notice many selfies. However, since your encounter, his selfies have increased significantly. Perhaps he's attempting to keep your interest by revealing more about himself.


6. He Asks If You've Seen Them

If he's not satisfied with just posting a plethora of gym selfies, he might have the audacity to inquire whether you've seen them. This is a clear indication that he's posting with you in mind, though hopefully not with an excessive degree of self-importance.

7. He Posts Something He Knows You'll Like

The guy never used to be a fan of Thai cuisine until you introduced him to the fantastic Thai restaurant in your neighborhood. Now he's posting about Thai food? He's probably attempting to win your approval and get a "like" out of you. Similarly, he never expressed an interest in horses or The Killers, but now he's raving about them since meeting you.


8. He's Talking About Missing Someone

He's not typically the sentimental type, but he's begun posting enigmatic, romantic messages like "Missing someone lots" since going out with you a few times. If he had previously mentioned that he missed you, these posts are almost certainly about you.

9. He's Always Sharing Your Posts

When a guy shares your updates on his social media, he's displaying an appreciation for your ideas, humor or perspectives. Whether it's on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, this act of recognition is a clear sign of admiration.


10. He Tags You

If a guy is tagging you in posts or updates, it's evident that he's trying to get your attention. But, if he's specifically tagging only you in posts related to topics he knows you're interested in, then it's more than just that. By doing so, he's expressing his liking for you, and it makes you feel valued and included in his social media presence.


11. He Asks A Question

If a guy has been flirting with you through text messages and is about to ask you out, don't be surprised if he also makes a post on Instagram asking his followers for date ideas. By doing so, he's trying to make you smile while also hinting at his intentions to take you out. It's an adorable way of expressing himself, and hopefully, he'll have the courage to ask you out directly.


12. He's Posting Before A Date

If a guy is posting on social media before or after meeting you, it's a dead giveaway that his posts are about you. It could be a sign of his excitement or nervousness about spending time with you. By doing so, he's expressing his emotions and giving you a subtle hint that he's looking forward to seeing you. It's a lovely way of conveying his feelings and coping with his nerves.