12 Relationship Red Flags You Probably Never Realized Were Red Flags


Many of us have experienced toxic relationships that left us regretting, "I should have seen it coming." This is because most unhealthy relationships don't suddenly turn sour, there are usually warning signs. However, we often overlook them due to our strong emotions, but it's essential to pay attention to these 12 signs.

1. He rushes the relationship

It's uncommon to find a man who is decisive about his desires, but it's important to differentiate between knowing what you want and impulsively pursuing it. If a man brings up exclusivity after only a couple of dates, be cautious. He may be on the rebound from a recent heartbreak or a player who's adept at using the right words to charm women despite having no intention of committing to just one.


2. He doesn't have any relationship experience

Dating a guy who's new to the game might seem appealing, especially since they're "fresh" and untainted by negative experiences. However, this also means that you'll have to teach him the ropes of dating, from planning dates to proper texting etiquette and basic decency. It's a lot of work, so it's understandable to prefer someone who has more experience.


3. He has Too much relationship experience

You don't want a guy who has zero experience with women, but someone who has been with too many is also not ideal. If a man always seems to be in a relationship, it raises questions about his motives. Is he afraid of being alone? This could be a red flag because it suggests he has underlying issues that may require professional help to resolve.


4. His friends are total douchebags

All of his friends are self-centered jerks who spend an unreasonable amount of time admiring themselves in the mirror. You don't even like a single one of them, as they're all narcissistic. It's worth noting that the company one keeps says a lot about their character. If he associates with people like that, chances are he shares their traits. Therefore, never underestimate the importance of observing someone's friends as they can provide valuable insights into the person's true nature.


5. He's constantly complimenting you

While receiving compliments is often enjoyable, it's important to be wary of excessive flattery. If a man constantly tells you how perfect you are, especially after just a few weeks of dating, it's worth questioning the authenticity of his words. Nobody is perfect, so if he's constantly showering you with praise, it could be because he's more enamored with his perception of you rather than who you truly are.


6. He isn't on good terms with any of his exes

While it's not necessary for a man to be best friends with his exes, it's a red flag if he publicly hates every single one of them. This behavior may indicate that he was the problem in those relationships. A man who speaks poorly about his exes is not a decent person, unless the ex was genuinely psychotic and caused significant damage to him. Otherwise, calling her "crazy" or badmouthing her is incredibly disrespectful.


7. He's a messy drinker

The way someone behaves when they're drunk can be an indicator of their true feelings. If a man becomes rude or exhibits sexist behavior when he's drunk, it's a cause for concern. Furthermore, if he spends more time inebriated than sober, he may be dealing with alcoholism or on the verge of developing it. Continuously partying and drinking excessively is not an attractive quality, especially once college is over.


8. He's never had his heart broken

It's suspicious if a man in his 20s claims that he's never experienced heartbreak. This could mean that he's never fully committed to anyone or hasn't dated someone he genuinely cared about. Both scenarios suggest that he's not prepared for a genuine relationship at this moment.

9. He complains a lot

If a man is frequently irritable, it's a red flag. He may have moments where he's in a good mood, but the majority of the time, he's critical of others. While it might not affect you now, remember that negativity can spread. The more time you spend with someone who has a negative outlook on life, the more likely you are to adopt the same mindset. Do you want to be that type of person?


10. He has mostly female friends

A guy with too many female friends can be a red flag. It's not a good sign because it could mean he's either not interested in you, or worse, he's using these "friends" as backup options. It's better to be cautious with guys like this, as it may not end well.

11. He's a little Too put-together

A guy who keeps everything he owns, including himself, in impeccable condition may seem admirable, but it could be a sign that he's a control freak or even worse, a murderer. Beware of such possibilities because they can lead to chaos.


12. He's not close with his family

If family is important to you and your potential partner doesn't talk to their parents, it could be a problem. It's understandable if their family has passed away, but if they're alive and there's no communication, it's concerning. If he can't communicate with his own family, how can he communicate with you?