12 Reasons Women Leave Men They Love – What Every Man Needs To Know

12 reasons women leave men they love – what every man needs to know

When a woman gets into a relationship, she puts her heart and soul into it. A woman's decision to commit to a partner comes with intense care, brave love, and blind trust.

As long as your love is true, you cease to be a priority and make the object of your love your deepest concern.

For that reason, a woman can remain with a man who mistreats her without walking away. Everyone can see she is not getting what she deserves, but she might stick around because she loves, hoping things will turn around.

At these times, she sees the perfection the relationship could turn into and the not misery it really is. She might not even realize the damage she is doing to herself by holding on.

However, that doesn't last forever. Sooner or later, she will realize she is selling herself short.

The truth is that men want strong and independent women who have self-respect. Most men want a woman who can command respect from those she meets.

However, a woman who respects herself also knows how to assess her relationship and know if she can do better or not. Even when she loves the man, she will not hesitate to leave him if the relationship is not working.

A self-respecting woman understands everything that's going on in her life and relationship. So, even the terrible relationship issues confuse many and leave them wondering whether to leave or stay are apparent to her.

Once a woman gets to this point, she will leave a man she loves for one or many of these reasons and never look back.

1. Lack Of Common Interests

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Before going any further, it is worth mentioning that people do change over time. Either of you might change.

There is truth to the phrase that opposites attract. However, a relationship needs more than attraction to survive: it also needs a couple that shares common interests.

In fact, it is the similarities that keep people together. Having a similar outlook on life and having aspirations towards a common future will keep the relationship moving forward.

As soon as that changes significantly, the relationship can have an inevitable end, even when there is still plenty of love between those involved.

For instance, when one partner transitions, the other would most likely not follow suit and transition as well. In short, such a relationship might not make sense anymore.

A woman who started off adoring everything you do might end up disapproving of everything you have become. Even if she still feels attached to you, she might have no option but to leave.

2. Lack Of Communication

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Women require a lot more talking than men do. So, being a good conversationalist is one of the most important ways a man can be available to a woman.

If the guy never has time to talk to his woman, the relationship might not have a very promising future even if he provides for her in every other way.

Good communication gives women a reason to keep fighting for a relationship.

Even if you are not around her round the clock, at least be there when she needs someone to talk to. Going silent for days will break down the relationship faster than you can imagine.

Being a good communicator is also just as important. It's not just about being there as she talks and talks about what's on her mind.

You actually have to listen and care about what she is saying. Paying attention makes you a good conversationalist and the kind of man a woman can trust and confide in.

3. Lack Of Physical Intimacy

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Some think that physical intimacy is a need only men have. However, many women have ended their relationships for lack of physical intimacy.

Ladies need as much physical intimacy as men do. So, the moment you stop making sexual advances or ignore her physical needs, she will know something is wrong.

One of the assumptions she will make is that you are seeing someone else fulfilling your need for physical intimacy. That train of thought will make her feel worthless and unwanted by you, her partner.

Of course, once she is unhappy, the relationship will not have a very good chance of survival.

Physical intimacy says a lot of things words would never express. We understand that love is not the only reason people jump in bed together these days.

However, love is the ultimate reason to make love.

So, as long as you are taking care of your lady's bedroom needs, she will have no reason to worry about you giving another woman your attention.

Note that there is a huge difference between love and lust. Love endures, and the sparks that it brings into the relationship when you get physically intimate do not fade over time.

4. Selfishness

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Selfishness has destroyed many relationships. When you love someone, they will desire every bit of attention you can afford them.

Some men, however, will clearly make less important things their biggest priority, and the woman will feel neglected and less welcome into such a man's life.

The woman you are in a relationship with has to be a priority to feel secure in it. The moment she starts to feel like she is nothing more than your convenience, she will start backing off.

If you always want to be left alone, she will grant you your wish and find someone who can give her the attention she desires.

A relationship is about two people, which means you have to make compromises to work. You have to give up some of your individual interests so that you have something keeping you together and focused on building a future together.

If there aren't many things connecting you and keep you together, the bond you share will grow weaker over time.

A woman needs security, and she can't get any from a man who has better things to spend his time on. She would rather leave and find someone who cares.

A grown woman does not expect her relationship to be like a fairy tale. She will be practical and desire a mature relationship.

So, regardless of how much she loves you, she will have no option but to walk away if you don't make her feel like she is a priority to you.

5. Insecurities

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Most people fail to realize how quickly insecurities can destroy relationships. This silent relationship killer creates negative energy between the partners that ultimately tear them apart.

So, people in romantic relationships need to understand that insecurities can cost them a good relationship and that insecurities cannot help build a better relationship.

When a man is insecure, he will not trust his woman. That means he will be asking her a lot of questions that will make her hate the relationship.

Love requires trust, and so, without it, it's hard to convince a woman you actually love her. In any case, there are many parallels between insecurities and selfishness, which we have already established can quickly ruin a loving relationship.

6. Endless Lies

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It's inevitable that we will lie at some point or another in our lives, whether we do it willingly or not. Of course, that does not mean we should lie on purpose.

Lying to a person you love is especially bad, and it can feel like complete betrayal. Lies will destroy the relationship you share with your woman.

Truth has a way of finding its way out into the open. So, no matter how good of a liar you are, the truth will eventually catch up, and the woman you love will know you lied.

Once she starts describing you as a liar, she will no longer trust you. Yes, the truth can hurt at times, but it won't come with as many consequences as lies do. So, it's best to be honest.

7. Feeling Suffocated

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Although you should always be there for the woman you love, you should also give her some space. Everyone needs some bit of personal space to remain sane.

During these special times, we reevaluate our lives and decisions and get an opportunity to recharge without the pressure that comes with having to give our partners our full attention.

So, allow your lady to spend time with friends of enjoying her hobbies without you getting in the way. That will keep her happy and make you a more interesting part of her life.

Suffocating her with unwanted attention will only make her desperate to leave.

8. Emotional Unavailability

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Emotional unavailability is undoubtedly among the worst things you can offer as someone's romantic partner. Understand that you might be spending your entire day around her and still be emotionally unavailable.

So, don't think going out with her and having fancy dinners automatically means you are emotionally available.

A woman wants you to be available to her emotionally because she wants your love and attention, not just your presence or your money.

Emotional disconnection creates a distance that cannot be made up using physical intimacy, material things, or common relationship goals.

Fortunately, being emotionally available is easy since all it takes is to be there for her and share in her ups and downs. If you can't do that, she will most likely leave you for someone who can offer these things.

9. Trying To Change Her

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Every woman in the world wants to be loved for who she is, not who her man thinks she should be. Acceptance is a fundamental human desire.

So, being on a mission to change your woman or "upgrade" her will in all likelihood backfire on you.

If you try to do that to your partner, she will start to back off. In any case, even if she plays along, you will realize that she is no longer the person you fell in love with.

Learn to love the person you fell in love with, not the woman you can make out of her. If you can't stand who she is, then you never truly loved her.

It is extremely selfish to try to change someone into the person you want. Any woman will realize that there is no love in the relationship for her, and she will leave a man who tries his best to change her, no matter how "right" he thinks he is.

10. Impatience

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There is a reason why many "busy" and "no-nonsense" people end up alone. Being patient with someone is one of the greatest gifts you can give someone.

Let your woman know that you care about her company.

If you never have enough time for her because you don't think such things are worth your time, then you will seem impatient. That will lead her to conclude that you don't have any time for her, which will definitely be quite hurtful.

It's okay to have a life, but your girl also needs your time and attention. If you fail to do that, she will feel lonely while still in a relationship with you.

Unless you take your time with someone, you will never know what is happening in their lives. Obviously, unless you know what is going on in your girlfriend's life, you are not a very good partner.

That is why women leave guys who never have enough time for them.

11. Comparing Her With Other People

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A lot of women say goodbye to men they love because the man made the mistake of comparing her to someone else.

The worst form of this relationship crime is comparing your current partner to your exes in a way that reflects poorly on your new girlfriend. Basically, any form of comparison will look bad.

Learn to speak to your woman as if she is beyond comparison.

Comparing her to someone else means you have been too busy looking at what has happened in another woman's life to appreciate everything she has to offer.

We are all unique, and it's very unfair to compare one human being to another. Women hate this because they want to be appreciated for who they are.

Comparison shows that you are judging her, and nobody likes being put on the spot like that.

12. Forgetting The Little Things

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Some guys think that grand gestures are all they need to keep their women happy. To some extent, that's true.

However, paying attention to the little things is just as important. Making a bit of an effort every once in a while can really make a difference in your relationship.

Even the seemingly unimportant can make your woman more devoted to you. For instance, appreciate her for that lovely meal, and help her out once in her while, and your relationship will be stronger than you can ever imagine.

Small things make a woman feel appreciated. Without them, she will feel like a doormat, and that might make her want to leave.

See! Women leave men for some pretty basic issues. So, if you are a guy in a relationship, pay attention to these minor details and your relationship will be perfectly fine.