12 Reasons I'll Never Send Nudes To A Guy I'm Dating

It seems like if you don't send provocative pictures via DMs, you're considered a prude these days. But, call me old-fashioned, I'm not planning to undress for someone who hasn't committed to me. Maybe it's just social media getting to my head, but I'd rather keep some things private until I know it's the right person.

1. There's Something To Say For Mystery

I am of the opinion that maintaining some level of enigma is the most alluring quality a woman can possess. There's no need to mislead or fake around a man, as even preserving some parts of your femininity for yourself is adequate to keep him curious. However, revealing my unclothed physique via text message would destroy that concept, and I am unwilling to relinquish everything in such a manner.

2. Sending Nudes Is So Common That Guys Expect Them

Asking for nudes seems to be a common thing for guys on social media these days. It's disrespectful, especially when they don't even know your name. I've been asked for pictures by strangers, and I would feel uncomfortable sending them knowing what they want to do with them.

3. It Sends A Message That I'm Not An Object

Declining to send nude photos to guys may label me as a prude, but it undoubtedly conveys a message. I don't want to be objectified by men based on the curves of my body or the type of lingerie I wear. I'm a real individual with a personality and ideas, and that's how I desire to be perceived. My greatest strength isn't my physique, but my intellect.

4. Automatically Getting Nudes Takes The Effort Out Of Romance

Men aren't typically inclined towards romance, so why would I make it more challenging by removing the challenge? If I send him photos of my body, why would he put effort into our physical relationship? If he already got what he wanted with no effort, I'll be let down when he doesn't put any work into being romantic in person.

5. I Don't Know If He's Showing Other Guys

How can I be certain that my guy hasn't shared the private pictures I sent him with his friends? Nude photos have become so commonplace among guys that they no longer hold any sacred value. Even the best of guys can succumb to the pressure of appearing manly and make mistakes that can potentially harm me.

6. If He Needs Naked Pictures To Stay Interested, He's Not The One

If a man is so concerned about having access to my nude pictures, I'll take a leap of faith and say he's not the ideal partner for me. Regardless of the reason, if he requires my body to remain loyal or pleased and is unwilling to wait, then his intentions are not pure. Sex is easily obtainable, and men who don't genuinely care about me are aware that they can obtain it elsewhere if I refuse to give it to them, and I am content to let them leave.

7. I Have No Control Over Those Pictures Once They're Sent

I never take back what I send. Once those pictures are out there, they can be forwarded, shared, and circulated, and I can never undo it. The thought of my pictures being spread all over the internet terrifies me. I've heard countless stories of girls whose lives were destroyed when their photos went viral, and I don't want to take that risk with anyone. I don't trust anyone enough to gamble with my privacy.

8. If The Breakup Goes South, He Has Dirt On Me

Although no one wants to imagine a painful breakup with a former love, it is unfortunately common. It's unsettling to think that someone who now dislikes you may have access to your most intimate photos, possibly damaging your reputation. While I don't anticipate this happening, I must be wise enough to acknowledge that it's a possibility.

9. It Helps Weed Through The Guys Who Just Want Sex

It's remarkable how much time I save by avoiding casual sex with men who are only interested in physical intimacy. Once I've decided that I want more than a fleeting encounter, my choice saves me the trouble of dealing with men who are only looking for one thing. If a man truly values me, he will respect my decision and remain committed to me.

10. I Don't Think Guys Who Aren't Committed Deserve Them

Why should I allow a man to see my naked body on demand when he hasn't earned that right? Until a man proves his commitment to me, he does not deserve any special privileges. In fact, he must marry me and confirm that I am the one before receiving any benefits reserved for a husband.

11. I Want To Take Things Slow

The natural progression of a relationship is important to me. Skipping straight to sex means missing out on all the sweet moments that lead up to it. I want to savor each step in our journey and let our intimacy build over time, leading to a meaningful and passionate relationship. Introducing sex into the mix changes everything, even if it's just a single moment captured in a photo.

12. I Only Want My Husband To See Me That Way Someday

I don't want just anyone to see me naked. It's a privilege reserved for the man who has committed his life to me and has earned my respect. Sharing intimate photos with every guy I've dated cheapens the experience and makes it less special. I believe that reserving these moments for the right person makes them all the more meaningful and creates a deeper bond between us.