12 Questions That Are Off-Limits To Ask Your Boyfriend

In the early stages of a relationship, it's natural to want to know everything about your partner. However, bombarding them with endless questions can be overwhelming and even detrimental to the relationship. It's important to distinguish between necessary and intrusive questions, and avoid crossing the line into an interrogation. Remember, if something is important, your partner will eventually share it with you on their own. To ensure a healthy relationship, here are 13 questions that should never be asked, as they may push your boyfriend away.


1. How Much Money He Makes

Unless you're discussing marriage, your partner's income is not your concern. Asking about it can come across as tacky and gold-digging, even if that's not your intention. It's best to avoid prying into their finances and focus on building a strong emotional connection instead.

2. If You Look Fat

Seeking validation from your partner about your appearance can be a sign of insecurity, which is not an attractive quality. Furthermore, you are the best judge of how you look and do not need external validation. Instead of asking your partner if you look fat, focus on building your self-confidence and loving yourself.


3. How Many People He's Slept With

Every one of us has a past, but it's not necessary to worry about how many partners your significant other has had. As long as they are loyal to you, it shouldn't matter. It's best not to bring up the topic if you can avoid it. Besides, if you have a reputation for promiscuity, it might be hypocritical to judge them for their past.


4. What You'll Name Your Kids

Asking about having kids with your partner is an impertinent question unless you've discussed it before. If you haven't talked about starting a family, it's best not to bring it up as it could make him uncomfortable. It's a personal topic that requires mutual agreement before broaching.

5. When He's Going To Buy You A Ring

It's acceptable to want to know the direction your relationship is heading, but it's crucial to start that conversation in the right way. Asking about engagement rings might imply that the jewelry is more important than the connection. Instead, inquire about where he sees your future together in the coming year and beyond.


6. If He's Circumcised

If you can't figure out whether your partner has undergone plastic surgery, it's likely he's had a poor experience. If he did have a terrible job, he's probably not interested in discussing it with anyone.

7. If You're The Best Sex He's Ever Had

If he ever declines your invitation, you may label him as a loser. But in case he agrees to it, you may still question his true intentions. Hence, it is better not to ask and avoid awkwardness. The fact that he continues to have sex with you implies that he is satisfied with it.


8. If He's Still In Love With His Ex

If you feel the need to inquire, it is possible that you already have an idea about the answer, and it may not be the one you desire. It is likely that you should not be in a relationship with this person in the first place.

9. If He's Been Going To The Gym

It is easy to distinguish whether he has been exercising or not. If he has, it is preferable to give a compliment in a factual tone instead of asking a question, such as, "You look great, I can tell you have been going to the gym!" If he has not, refrain from judging him and being rude.


10. What He Really Thinks Of Your Mom

You and your siblings are the only ones permitted to criticize your mother, and no one else can say anything negative about her. If you do not want to jeopardize your connection with your partner, avoid asking for their opinion. Since he is not her child, he is not obliged to adore her, and you do not have to be fond of his mother.


11. Questions About His Facebook Page

It's irrelevant who the girl is that left a comment on his photo or why he still has pictures of his ex-girlfriend from college. Remember, Mark Zuckerberg is the one who oversees Facebook, not you.

12. Which Of Your Friends He Would Sleep With

Asking whether he finds any of your friends attractive is a tricky question. If he claims that he isn't interested in any of them, he may be dishonest. But if he names a few, you might become paranoid whenever they're around each other. It's best not to ask this question since there's no satisfactory answer and it can ruin both your relationship and friendships.