12 Out Of The Box Ideas For A Perfect Date

12 Out Of The Box Ideas For A Perfect Date

Taking your lady on a date is one of the most exciting times for a man. It gives you the opportunity to smother her with love and prove to her that your company is really worth her time. It takes something sporadic and interesting to impress your girl on a date. Instead of the traditional dinners, take it up a notch with the following "out of the box" ideas for the perfect date.

1. Go on a rollercoaster ride

Nothing will get you closer together than a wild rollercoaster ride. The adrenaline rush, holding hands tight together, and screaming at the top of your lungs! All this adventure makes for an exciting experience that promises to last in her memory.

2. Take a walk down the beach

What better location for a romantic getaway than the beach. From the smooth white sand that cushions your feet as you walk to the fresh, sweet-smelling sea breeze that fills your souls with life. The setting is just perfect, especially when the sun is setting.

3. Take dancing classes

Learn to coordinate your love both physically and spiritually with an exciting dance class. Go for sensual dance genres like salsa, tango, or kizomba that have a sweet, slow, and infectious sound. Those smooth dance moves you've been hiding are definitely bound to impress her.

4. Take cooking classes together

A good meal always makes for a happy time. Learning to cook your favorite dishes together is an excellent way to get to bond over something you both love. Ladies adore a man with skills in the kitchen. Plus you don't have to worry about her getting hungry!

5. Go to a basketball game

Attending a basketball game can be so much fun. The atmosphere in the arena with screaming fans is just out of this world. The game is also filled with sleek, acrobatic moves and intense competition that will have you at the edge of your seats. Of course, there are no awkward moments of silence!

6. Hit the gym together

Working out together is an excellent way to bond. Psyching her up as she pushes through the final push-up is symbolic of the moral support you can offer her during hard times. It's also romantic to grind and sweat it out together.

7. Go on a hike

Going for a hike in the hills offers you an opportunity to interact with nature and appreciate the beauty of the outdoors. Apart from the adventure of interacting with Mother Nature up-close, you will also be getting valuable exercise.

8. Take her volunteering

Ladies always feel touched when they get to experience the humane side of their men. Find a charitable organization and sign the two of you up as volunteers for any charity work. Whether it is feeding the homeless or spending time at the retirement home, your girl will surely be moved.

9. Take her to a haunted house

Everybody likes to test their limits, especially when fear is involved! Surprise her with a trip to the haunted house and see how long it takes for her to yield. The mystery and spooky atmosphere of a haunted house will bring memories for days.

10. Head on a mini road trip

Select a random destination not far away from where you live and flee with her on a short road trip. It could be anything from a deserted town to a popular market center. The thought of leaving your homes to go on a spontaneous driveaway sounds like a scene from the movies.

11. Go bird watching

Watching birds as they fly around freely and whistle sweet melodies can be a relaxing and exciting pastime. Take her to the nearest park for a bird-watching session. The quietness of the atmosphere is very serene and encountering creatures in their natural habitat is very fulfilling.

12. Plan the ultimate night in

Sometimes you don't have to go out to have a good time. Just a simple night-in will do. Find out her favorite dish or surprise her with a fancy meal from one of your grandma's old recipes. Compliment this with a nice bottle of champagne and a cozy selection from your playlist. Top it all off with some candles and a surprise gift to complete the ultimate romantic date.

You don't have to struggle just to impress her. There are many ways to do this, and it doesn't have to be what everyone is doing. Use the above creative tips for a date to help you find the key to her heart!