12 Obvious Signs Of Physical Attraction Between Two People

Physical attraction between two people can be expressed in many ways besides words. These signs are physically evident, and they happen unconsciously and in different ways. That is why it might also be easy to miss some of these signs. The thing is that we all react differently when physically attracted to another person. But here are some signs you can look out for in case you think that someone is interested in you.

1. Licking their lips

If you catch someone licking their lips when looking at you, they might be thinking about kissing you; and that is only possible for people who are attracted to you.

2. Trying to fix their appearance

If someone tries to fix their appearance around you, whether it’s their clothes or hair, it could be because they are attracted to you. This is a pretty good sign if it happens unconsciously. They might even get frustrated if they feel like the fix is not working, which is a pretty clear sign.

3. Teasing

If you find yourself teasing each other and sharing jokes that only the two of you understand, then that is a clear sign that you are attracted to each other. It could also be a way of letting everyone know how comfortable you are around each other.

4. Smiling all through

When someone is attracted to you, they will often feel pretty good about yourself and smile for no apparent reason, especially when looking at you or after looking at you.

5. Trying to make each other laugh

If he goes to extreme lengths to make you laugh, then it’s because he is attracted to you. It is usually a sign that he wants to spend more time around you, and is trying to have your company for as long as possible because he is interested in you.

6. Nervousness

If someone usually seems composed but around you they get nervous for no apparent reason, it might be because they are attracted to you.

7. Whispering

If he often lowers his voice when talking to you, then it might be a subconscious desire for a greater level of intimacy between you. It is also an excuse to lean closer and get a chance to kiss you because he is attracted to you.

8. Touching

This is a pretty obvious sign that someone is attracted to you. The touch could seem light and platonic, but when someone seems to always find a reason to touch you, it could be because they are really attracted to you.

9. Blushing

If you catch someone blushing when you make eye contact, then you might have an admirer on your hands. Even the most serious people can display this sign, which is why it is such a dead giveaway as far as attraction goes.

10. Ignoring other people

If you are often doing things that seem to pay little regard to everyone else around you, it could be a sign of deep attraction between you.

11. Comfortable moments of silence

If you can be comfortable around someone regardless of the silence, then it could be because there is an attraction between you. If a few seconds of silence brings about awkwardness, then that’s a bad sign. People who are attracted to each other have no problem sharing a few precious moments of silence, and they might even feel refreshed and joyful and smile at each other, without any pressure to keep talking.

12. Sweaty palms

It might not be a particularly lovely sign, but it can be a sign of attraction nonetheless. Just be sure to check out for other signs of attraction as well just to be sure it’s not the weather.