12 Kissing Styles And What They Say About Him


Intimacy is not limited to sex, but rather encompasses a broader spectrum of experiences. Kissing, for instance, is a deeply intimate and passionate act that conveys unspoken emotions. A guy's kissing style can reveal a lot about his personality traits, his level of interest in you, and even his potential performance in bed. In this article, we'll explore 12 different kissing styles and what they may indicate about the guy you're kissing.


1. The Peck

This is a popular and innocent kissing style known as the closed-mouth kiss, usually given on the cheek. It's a brief, non-intimate gesture that lacks passion. While it's acceptable for a grandma, it's not ideal for a romantic partner. If a guy gives you this kind of kiss, it could suggest that he's either not interested in you or intimacy. In either case, it's not a good sign.


2. The Octopus Smooch

This type of kiss occurs when a guy is so into you that he can't resist touching and pressing his body against yours. He may also slobber on you, making it a less pleasant experience. Nonetheless, it indicates that he's highly attracted to you and probably lacks experience in kissing.

3. The Cassanova

Among all the kissing styles, this one is considered the most romantic. It's the type of kiss you often read about in romance novels and erotica. The guy knows he's a great kisser, and you're undoubtedly enjoying every moment of it. He's not overly slobbery or handsy, but still quite active. This kiss is both emotional and physical, indicating that he's likely good in bed. If a guy kisses you in a Casanova-style, consider yourself lucky because it's a clear sign that he wants to be your boyfriend.


4. The Open Eyed Kiss

This type of French kiss has a major issue - the guy keeps his eyes open throughout the entire kiss. This may suggest that he doesn't trust you. To address this problem, the only solution may be to give him some time or encourage him to talk about it.

5. The Forehead (Or Eyelid) Kiss

When a guy kisses you on the forehead, it can sometimes indicate that he only views you as a friend. However, some guys use forehead kisses as a warm-up or to express their protective feelings towards someone. Men who give forehead kisses are typically more warm, sensitive, and nurturing compared to others.


6. Kisses On The Hand

When a guy kisses your hand, he's attempting to turn up the charm and show that he's traditional or a fan of old-school romance. However, it often comes across as an awkward attempt at flirting. Be cautious of guys who kiss your hand, as they are often not sincere in their attempts to charm you.

7. Gentle Kiss

If the guy kissing you treats you delicately, like you're made of glass, it could be a sign of his nervousness and attempts to restrain himself. He may also feel insecure about his position with you, so it's important to offer him some encouragement.


8. The Vampire Kiss

Is he resembling Edward Cullen with his actions while kissing you? Is he biting down on your neck like an amateur vampire? This kind of kiss is usually a playful tease or a prelude to rough sex. If he frequently engages in this type of kiss, there's a good chance he's into BDSM or a big fan of Twilight.

9. The Neck Kiss

Neck kisses without biting can be incredibly romantic and erotic. If a guy is kissing your neck in this way, it's a clear sign that he desires you and wants you immediately. However, if he prefers neck kisses over traditional mouth kisses, it could indicate a fear of emotional intimacy. Keep an eye out if this is a recurring pattern.


10. The Sloppy Kiss

This type of kiss isn't as intense as the Octopus Kiss, but it's still pretty sloppy. If a guy kisses you like this, it's a clear sign that he's into you, but he may not have much experience with kissing. He may not be aware of how his kissing style is affecting you, which could become a problem if you end up dating or sleeping together.


11. The Closed Mouth Kiss

When a guy kisses you without using his tongue, it could be a sign that he's not really interested in you. Or he might be a bit old-fashioned or even prudish. In any case, don't expect him to be too adventurous.

12. The Goofy Kiss

Whether it's sending a blowing kiss or making a silly kissy face, it means the same thing - he wants to make you laugh. This guy has a sense of humor and he might even think that his funny side is what will make you like him. If you want to get closer to him, join in on the fun and laugh at his jokes.


To find out which kissing style you prefer, try them all out and have some fun with it! Don't be afraid to experiment and lock lips as much as possible. Ultimately, you'll discover what you like and don't like.

What Makes A Great Kiss, Regardless Of Kissing Styles

As mentioned earlier, kisses can take on various forms and styles, and there isn't necessarily one that's better than the others since it's all about personal preference. Nonetheless, all kisses share certain characteristics that make them enjoyable and unforgettable for those engaged in them.


1. Being in the moment

Staying present in a kiss is crucial for a fulfilling experience, as it allows you to fully enjoy the moment without any distractions.

2. Changing up your position

A good kiss requires movement and flow, so the "robot" style of kissing where the other person stays still can be quite painful and awkward. A skilled kisser knows how to move and adjust the intensity to make the experience more enjoyable.


3. Knowing when to hold back and when to give more

One of the most exciting parts of making out is teasing your partner by nibbling on their bottom lip before pulling away and then coming back in for more. A great kiss involves both partners knowing when to intensify or ease off.

4. Giving positive feedback to your kissing partner

Giving positive feedback to your partner during a kiss can be very beneficial. If you enjoy something they are doing, let them know! Express your admiration for their kissing technique, and if you want them to try something different, gently guide them by using your hands to adjust their head or asking in a playful tone. Your partner will probably appreciate your feedback and be happy to respond accordingly.


5. Responding to your partner's body language

A good kisser understands that kissing is a mutual activity. It's important to move in sync with your partner, allowing your bodies to react and respond to each other. With the right chemistry, this will happen effortlessly and you'll never want to stop kissing.

To explore some of the most popular kissing styles visually, you can watch the video below: