12 Kids And A Dog Dubbed As Crime-Busting Heroes After Clever Stunt

Many of us have grown up reading crime-solving stories like The Secret Seven, Famous Five, and Nancy Drew, fueling our fascination with solving crimes. But those are works of fiction, created from imagination.

However, in 2016, a group of kids known as the "Tremendous Twelve" used an ingenious technique, dubbed the "Human Arrow," to help the police catch a couple of robbers.

This crime-busting strategy proved to be highly effective, and the group of young crime-fighters earned their moniker with an alliterative name befitting their heroic exploits.

The group known as the Human Arrow gained widespread attention on the internet after they devised a clever plan to direct a police search helicopter to two burglary suspects who were on the run.

Adding to the charm of this story is the fact that the gang had a furry companion in the form of a Yorkshire Terrier named Molly. The children spoke about their experience with The Mail, expressing their pride and excitement, saying, "We feel really proud- it was awesome."

The group, which consisted of children aged between six and twelve, had been conducting their own Easter egg hunt in a field near Capel, Surrey, when they noticed the helicopter hovering overhead.

One of the members of the 'Human Arrow' gang, a nine-year-old girl, recounted the incident, saying, "It was really loud, and we could see the word 'police' written on the bottom. Then, we spotted a man running alongside the field. We saw him take off his jumper and put it on his head."

At first, the kids attempted to yell at the pilot, but they were unsuccessful in getting their attention.

They Created A Human Arrow

According to the kids, despite their efforts to shout and signal the helicopter to change direction, the pilot did not respond. So, they came up with a brilliant plan.

The nine-year-old girl explained, "My two friends said, 'Let's make an arrow,' and we got into position on the ground." After about a minute, they saw the helicopter heading in their direction.

The Human Arrow helped the police find and arrest two suspects, aged 28 and 27, who were believed to have committed a burglary at a nearby farm.

The pilot of the helicopter alerted the authorities on the ground about their location, which ultimately led to their capture. One of the girls from the group shared, "They thought we were messing around at first, but they followed our arrow and caught the men. We're really proud of what we did."

Footage released later showed the helicopter pilot spotting the kids forming an arrow and directing it towards the suspects. The kids gained widespread attention and admiration after the police shared the video of their ingenious crime-busting technique.

According to Ben Brearly, the parent of one of the Human Arrow kids, they enjoyed the attention they received. Some people even compared them to characters from Enid Blyton or Scooby Doo books, which was quite fitting. Surrey Police Sergeant Paul Sochon commented that "the initiative they displayed was vital."