12 F*cks You Should Stop Giving When You're A Grown And Mature Person

12 F*cks You Should Stop Giving When You’re A Grown And Mature Person

You reach a point in life where even if you tried. You just couldn't give a f*ck about some things. Your days of worrying about what others might think of you are done. You know who you want in your circle and who you no longer trust. And out of nowhere, you realize after all the drama in your life that some f*cks are not worthy of giving. Trying to make everyone happy and the world a better place only added to your stresses.

Once you begin to mature, you stop giving a lot of the fucks you once gave. Below are 12 f*cks you should not give. They are items you can remove from your worry list and free up time to focus more on fuck worthy items in your life.

1. Stop giving a f*ck what other people think of you

When we grow as people, we begin to understand whether other people like us do not matter. How we feel about ourselves is all that counts. We live our lives and do the things we enjoy and not to please others. If you are happy with who you are fuck everyone else.

2. Stop Giving A F*ck About Being Right All The Time

When we mature as people, we begin to stop caring about whether or not we are right. We know it's not possible to be right all the time. We find that learning is never over, and it's not a competition to be right all the time.

3. Stop Giving A F*ck About Your Mistakes

Your mistakes do not define you. They are pieces in your life that have made you who you are. That is all. Mistakes do not hold you back. Mistakes help us to grow and learn. They're necessary obstacles and not only do you not give a f*ck about them, but a mistake is also just another lesson in life.

4. Stop Giving A F*ck About Pointless Gossip That Doesn't Concern You

Be content with your own life and have no desire to concern yourself with what is going on in someone else's. You stop caring about drama – especially when it's the drama that doesn't concern you. You don't like to involve yourself in the lives of others when it's so unnecessary to do so. Bitching about someone behind their back is just childish. You would rather invest your feelings in more productive aspects of life and let others live their own lives.

5. Stop Giving A F*ck About Whether People Like You Or Not

Listening to what others have to say and taking advice is one thing, but you don't need to seek anyone's validation. If you live for people's approval, you will die from their rejection. Don't give a f*ck about what others think about you. Know your own self-worth.

6. Stop Giving A F*ck About Maintaining Relationships With Toxic People

As you mature, you start to understand that not all people who come into your life are meant to stay there. Some are there for the lesson only that not all relationships you're in are worth holding on to. The more mature you get, the easier it will be for you to burn bridges and cut ties with people who no longer add value to your life. And you just don't give a f*ck about letting them go.

7. Stop Giving A F*ck About Failing

You don't let fear take you over so much that it stops you from taking action anymore. When you become more mature, you know that failure is a part of growth, and you don't really fear it anymore.

8. Stop Giving A F*ck About Things You Cannot Control

When we mature as people, we stop thinking about the things we have no control over all the time. We don't spend all of our time giving power to the things that we cannot change or cannot control. Focusing on the positive and the things that we can control is going to do you a lot more good.

9. Stop Giving A F*ck About Biting Your Tongue

In your earlier years, in some situations, we may have had to bite our tongues so as not to upset or cause a drama. It's time to say f*ck that!. If someone does something that pisses you off or disrespects you in any way, speak up!

10. Stop Giving A F*ck About Your Ex

Yes, you may have been heartbroken, but you realize you broke up for a reason and he was not the one for you. So it's not your job to give a f*ck about him or what he thinks of you.

11. Stop Giving A F*ck About The "perfect" Body

If you're happy in your body, then that's all that matters. Comparing yourself to others is a pointless endeavor as we're all different. Now open that bag of chips and have another pizza, for f*cks sake, woman!

12. Stop Giving A F*ck About Not Giving A F*ck

As you mature, you learn to choose your battles. You decide who earned your f*cks and who didn't. When you do give a f*ck, you give 100%. When you don't give a f*ck you also give 100%. Never half-ass anything, especially your f*cks!.