12 Corny Thoughts You Have When Waking Up Next To The Person You Love

Waking up in your own bed next to the person you love is a unique experience that cannot be compared to spending the night with a stranger from a one-night stand. Although the latter may offer temporary pleasure without any commitments, it cannot match the depth of a genuine connection and affection. Instead of feeling regretful or puzzled about the previous night's choices, one can wake up with positive and heartfelt thoughts. These thoughts may seem cliché, but they hold a lot of truth.

1. Things Can't Get Any Better Than This

However, upon realizing that it's a Saturday and breakfast can be easily ordered via Seamless, one's mood can improve even further. Thus, things have gotten better instantaneously. BAM!

2. If Groundhog Day Suddenly Happened To Me, I'd Be Totally Fine With It

Waking up like this every day for the rest of your life is something you would have no objection to. Furthermore, the presence of Seamless is a constant reassurance that one can enjoy convenient breakfasts without any sudden disruptions.

3. What Did I Do To Deserve This Life?

Sometimes, when positive events occur in our lives, we may question their validity. It's perplexing to think, "Why is everything going perfectly for me, even though I feel like a total failure?" Despite my confusion, I'm not dissatisfied.

4. I Can Literally Stay In Bed All Day With This Man

Upon reflection, the idea seems somewhat unappealing. Consuming food while lying in bed with no motivation to bathe or change out of pajamas is less than desirable. Let's be honest though, who are we fooling? You sleep in the nude and indulge in bed-time snacking on a daily basis.

5. A Meteor Could Destroy Earth And I Would Have No Regrets

Alright, perhaps only one regret. You're fully aware that you should have made an obscene gesture towards your boss when you had the opportunity last week.

6. I Hope He Feels The Same Way About Me

Let's face reality. Expressing your love towards someone doesn't guarantee that they reciprocate those feelings. That's why confessing your love for the first time can be extremely anxiety-inducing.

7. I Feel Like I'm In A Movie

It's flawless to the extent that it was excluded from the final version of Titanic. Now, please acknowledge your victory at the Oscars and anticipate a lifetime of contentment.

8. As Long As I Have Him, I Can Handle Anything

With him by your side, you're filled with an invincible sensation, capable of tackling any obstacle that may arise. Challenge accepted!

9. Am I Late For Work? Meh, Who Cares. I'd Rather Cuddle

Who cares about anything else? Personally, I'd prefer to snuggle up with someone.

10. So, This Is What All The Fuss Is About

It's not surprising that love is the primary theme in almost all human creations. As kids, we used to ridicule the prevalence of this concept in movies and such, but as we grow older, we finally comprehend why it holds such importance.

12. This Is So Much Better Than Being Single

But for now, let's keep it a secret from your single pals. Allow them to hold onto their beliefs for a little while longer.

13. I've Never Been Happier

And you can be truthful about that statement. Nothing else has brought you as much joy as discovering the individual you wish to spend the rest of your life with.