11-Year-Old On Period Forced To Bleed Through Clothes Twice As Teachers Don't Let Her Use Washroom


At Cotham School, an eleven-year-old has been made to suffer incredible trauma after having to bleed through her clothes twice during her period.

The young girl was humiliated, and she is now uncomfortable having to attend classes during her periods.

Her mother has not been happy with what transpired, obviously.

She has had the school administration on the phone countless times, and nothing had been done about the incident.


Through its inaction, the school had made the girl feel embarrassed over a natural process that should hardly warrant the trauma she has had to go through.

During the first incident, which took place in September of last year, the girl was new at the school.

She requested permission to use the bathroom when she noticed her period had started, but her teacher would not give it to her.

She ended up with a visible bloodstain on the blue pants she was wearing. It was a non-uniform day at school.


Obviously, it was a very uncomfortable and embarrassing day for the young girl, even though she had a long jumper to cover the stain.

When she reported the incident later on to her mother after school, she was quite upset and could not believe what had happened. So, she called the school, and she received assurances that all things would be in order, and the mistake would never be repeated.

But later on, it would turn out that those were just words to calm her down as the girl was forced to undergo the same humiliating experience a month later.

After her first nasty experience at school, going to school during her period was a terrifying experience, as all she could see was the possibility of bleeding through her clothes once more.


In fact, her mother called to let them know she would not be attending school for that reason, but they insisted that it was not a justified reason to skip school and so persuaded the girl to go to school.

But while the girl's mom was convinced that the incident would not happen again, the girl was still anxious.

However, the girl's worst fears were turned into a nightmare once more as she was forced to bleed through her clothes again.

On this occasion, a male teacher denied her a chance to leave the lesson without a bathroom pass and even threatened to punish her if asked for a second time.


The trauma she went through the first time was repeated once more, as she sat there helplessly.

At eleven years old, requesting permission to visit the washroom is quite horrifying. But being denied a chance to take care of basic health only makes this experience worse.

Without a doubt, the school can do much better than this - much much better. The welfare of girls has to be considered, even if there's a risk that some pupils could abuse the system.

Currently, the student has a bathroom pass she can use whenever she needs to. But still, the situation could have been avoided.

The school tried to defend itself by saying that it does not allow students to leave classes unsupervised. In a statement, the institution assured parents that it was always in support of the children's needs.